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Wednesday, August 28, 2013 Introducing Printstagram....

Going to share with ya'll a cool website today so read on! 

How many of you are Instagram fanatics? Well, I am! Before I got to bed, I'll check Instagram. When I wake up, I'll check instagram. When I'm bored, I'll check instagram. When I capture a nice photo, I'll post it up on Instagram! Instagram is so addictive and fun that most of us out there will at least check our Instagram at least once a day, right? But, one thing is missing.

I always have the habit of browsing through my Instagram photos over again and again from time to time and I wish i could print it out! So one day, I was googling "Printing Instagram Services" and the first link that appeared was Printstagram!

You have no idea how happy I was! :) 

Placed my orders last week and my goodies were delivered to my house today! 

Ready to see the final outcome?? :) 


Was also impressed with the quality of the paper as it's made up of good quality. Definitely wouldn't disappoint you!

Very satisfied with my room's decoration from the start already but the walls were pretty plain to my liking. Thus, these babies are going to be up on my wall. That's not all, am going to select a few nice ones to frame it up while the rest will be pasted on my wall! And once it's done, I'll blog about it again to share with ya'll the final outcome :) 

Print out your favourite Instagram photos with Printstagram today! :) 

Products are purchased with my own money and all opinions are 100% honest from me

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