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Friday, August 9, 2013 So angry!

Came across this online store and I am fuming mad right now! 

This particular online store specialize in sprees / preorders as well and the reason why I am so mad is because the owner doesn't even take the initiative to come out with their own format. Read through their order form details and the first that came across my mind was,"Wait a minute, it's so familiar to mine" But then, i didn't make a big fuss about it because it's nothing big. 

Explored their entire website and the most shocking thing was their About Us page. You don't feel ashamed do you? Happily copying my own website's details and pasting it onto your own website. What a shame. 

Next up, their Terms & Conditions page. My jaw almost dropped! The whole thing was just copied directly except the owner changed some of the details such as self collection's address, mass meet up's venue etc... Such unethical business practice! Lastly, the way the owner advertise on Facebook as well, it's also the way I formatted it with all the symbol and stuffs. 

I do have people emailing me from time to time,"Hey, check out this online store, they copied your logo font" or "See this online store, they took your photos!" I always tell them it's okay because it's not a super big deal till I saw this particular online store, my limit has reached. 

If the owner of the online store ever read this entry, I hope that you can do something about your online store. I don't feel that it's right to blindly copying other online store's information. It's YOUR OWN online store, you should be the one creating something new and learn how to type down your own business's details, at the very least! 


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