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Monday, August 12, 2013 Long Weekend Fun #2

10th August 2013, Saturday

Continued from my previous post, Boyfriend & I caught The Conjuring on Saturday midnight after the NDP show. We must conclude that it's one of the best horror movie, till date. Lots of shocking scenes which we love! In my own opinion, most of the horror movies we've watched are always a let down at the end. The Conjuring's ending was alright. Nonetheless, still a good movie to catch! :) 

Slept over at boyfriend's place and this is me wearing the same outfit on the next day
Didn't had enough clothes with me!

The most comfortable shirt ever! 

So, this is the cafe which i really wanted to visit and blog about but we were to led to this :( 

Oh man! What a shame :( 

So we decided to have our lunch / dinner at Jalan Besar Hawker Centre! 

If you are wondering where is this, it's just in front of Swee Choon, on the left hand side! 

This is the stall which boyfriend introduced to me when we were still dating and today, I would love to introduce to you guys! :) 

E.S Western Food has been around for many years, more than 10? Since Boyfriend had mentioned that it has been around since his primary school days. There is only 1 old uncle attending the stall so it's quite easy to spot his stall! 

Black Pepper Chicken Chop - SGD$5.50

One of my favourites and I love everything that's on this plate! Reasonable quantity. Reasonable price. Quality is already a top notch for a hawker centre's standard. The uncle even made an effort to spread garlic on the bread and microwave it. For the price he is selling, he actually don't have to but he did. 

I am a big lover for Coleslaw! Especially KFC's. 
Theirs was fresh, cold, crunchy and everything that i love about Coleslaw! :) 

Boyfriend's texting one of my girlfriends, being all secretive about my upcoming Birthday celebration

 You know, I have Char Grill pretty near my house and they sell western meals too. Tried their Chicken Chop and i was really shocked at the quantity. Their baked beans and fries were only 1/4 of as compared to E.S Western Food (Pictures above), I pointed out to my mom and didn't know to cry or laugh. So, i told myself to never eat at Char Grill again + their price aren't reasonable at all too. 

Instead of having dim sum at Swee Choon, maybe ya'll can give E.S Western Food a chance! 

Berseh Food Centre, Stall 45 

Closed on every Tuesday
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm 

Food review is not sponsored and all opinions are 100% honest from me


Went back to my place and had grocery shopping! 

Pink Magnum!! 

Champagne flavour 

Lays in Cheese flavour 

Tutti Frutti Mentos 

Which is really nice, taste like bubble gum! 

All nice and clean to snuggle under the bed and caught Air Force One which is a 1997 film by Wolfgang Petersen

A really good movie, wasn't anticipating that. 

Lazed around the bed with lé boy and he wanted to eat macds. 
Omg. If i am gaining weight, it's all because of him. Hahaha. 

Because, i am guilty as hell!

This boy of mine is so whiny and irritating lol! I wanted to watch Home & Health but he didn't want to. So you see, here's his whiny and grumpy face -.-

So we compromised and watched Animal Planet - Cats From Hell! Both cat lovers are us <3

11th August 2013, Sunday

Wanted to wake up earlier for Brunch at Holland Village but me being so tired and sick. We slept in later and woke up for dinner at Subway before he returned back to camp.That marks the end of our long weekend break. Pretty much looking forward to the coming weekend!! :D 

Hope you had enjoyed your long weekend break too! Off to reply emails before sleeping. My immune system is getting weak all over again boohoo :( 

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