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Monday, August 26, 2013 Weekend Date

22nd August 2013, Thursday


Watercolour Pastel Lace Tee | Infinite Pixie

Went over to Grandparent's house for dinner as usual! 
And it seemed like we were in for a treat that day because they had prepared

Shark Fins Soup! 

My favourite cauliflower! 

This was the champion for the night! No idea what meat this is but it tasted really good! 
As what I always believe, home cooked food is always the best :)

24th August 2013, Saturday


Clean Cut Embroidery Blouse | Infinite Pixie

Zara Inspired Monochrome Skorts | Infinite Pixie

Simple Studded Faux Leather Sling Bag | Infinite Pixie

Exquisite Gold Hardware Bracelet | Infinite Pixie

Just realized that my outfit are all from my online store when typing the OOTD details haha!


Finally brought boyfriend to Hatched!

There's a funny story behind it as a few months ago, I told him I'll be bringing him to try out this cafe called Hatched as they serve all kind of eggs (If you do not know, my boyfriend loves egg) They have 2 outlets and one of them is located at Holland Village. We searched the whole HV but to no available. Called their hotline but their line was down. We then decided to head to town instead. Just as when we were about to leave, we found out that Hatched was located really near the MRT Station and under renovation which means, it was not opened for business yet. You should have seen the expression on my boyfriend's face. It was downright hilarious!

So this time, I've ensured my boyfriend that Hatched is really open for business and here we are!

Sir Benedict for me

Breakfast Burrito for him 

Verdict? Yes, we will be back! :) 

267 Holland Avenue
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 9am - 11pm
Telphone: 64630012

Spot my super old converse which I've been wearing a lot recently ;) 

Went to town and did some shopping! Super in love with my new haul (You can watch my vlog at the end of this post to see the items I've got if you're interested!) And how can we ever forget our chicken skin from Tori Q whenever we are at town!? ;) 


Sushi from Cold Storage and guess what I found there?! I found Hello Kitty toilet roll and it was cuteness overload!! Too bad, I didn't got mine because we were so lazy to bring it back home. But i'll get my hands on it one day! If you're a Hello Kitty fan, go get yours! It was dirt cheap, less than $6. 

Ending off this entry with a vlog throughout my weekend :)

Hope you enjoy this video!

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