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Wednesday, August 21, 2013 My 20th Birthday Celebration (Part 3)

Today is my actual birthday and this is going to be the last part of my 20th Birthday celebration post :(

Secretly wish that this isn't going to end haha! Well... back to reality. It sucks that my birthday falls on a Wednesday and I feel so stupid now for crying to bed yesterday night thinking that my boyfriend won't be able to celebrate my birthday for me. What a cry baby! But.... read on to find out what happened!

Started my day by replying to emails, packing parcels and to the post office. Went back home, waited for mom to be back before we head out nearby for my birthday dinner. Nothing fancy but delicious food from a Tze Char stall near my house. To be honest, their food is almost restaurant standard, surprisingly awesome! 


Cereal Prawns!

If boyfriend was around, I guess we would be fighting over the cereals haha. 

Chilli Crab! 

Man Tou!

I forgotten the stall name because I couldn't understand the chinese characters but it's located in a coffee shop along Bukit Batok West Avenue 5! Next to Char Grill Bar. Thanks mommy for the birthday dinner! ♡

Went home to watch TV after a heavy dinner. All of a sudden... I heard someone at the door and it was my boyfriend! Holding on to a Hello Kitty helium balloon, a rainbow cake with a candle lighted up and singing 'Happy Birthday' song to me. Ahhhhh~ I couldn't stop smiling! 

Super happy girl! 

So pretty!

Yesterday night, I got pretty upset because he didn't wish me Happy Birthday at all till I hinted him! I was counting down to 12AM but no messages, no calls. Nothing. Hinted him what day it was and he said he fell asleep ZzzZZZzzzzzz! 

This surprise is a successful one because all I wish for was him to buy me a birthday cake. That's all. But the helium balloon and birthday card got me really excited. Thank you so much for the surprise! ♡

A few minutes later, the rest of the family sang me a birthday song too!

Mom & Boyfriend were like,"Stop posing with your tongue!" 

There's only 3 main things i wish for, and it's the same every year ;) 

I don't look 20, do I? 

Always a kid in mommy's eyes. Thank you for raising me up well and teaching me the right values since young. I love you mommy ♡

Been wanting to try out Marc Jacobs perfumes and this limited edition one caught my eye a few months back. It was really nice of mom to purchase this for me as my birthday present :) 

According to my mom, the sales lady gave her some perfume samples and tell me about it. 
How cute is this tiny bottle of perfume!? I just can't deal. 

As well as this pastel pink pouch with tiny daises printed all around! I have a problem. I love buying / collecting cute little pouches. I don't need so many pouches in my life and it becomes a problem when it's an addiction. A serious addiction.

Would like to sum up this post with words of appreciation. I am really thankful to have awesome friends in my life. Yes, life is unpredictable as friends come and go but the present is all that matters. Thankful for my boyfriend for the little sweet surprise which I sincerely appreciate it a lot. Grateful to have my parents by my side even though they are divorced a few years back. (Never mentioned about my parent's status in my blog before and this will be the first and last time mentioning this as i respect their decision and privacy)

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

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