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Wednesday, August 7, 2013 What's happening lately

Here are some random photos that i've took over the past few days.

Last weekend, introduced boyfriend to Smoothie King and ordered the Mango Refreshing! Glad he loves it too. Also, I've been loving mango lately. Mango dessert , mango smoothie, mango pastries, mango anything! So, if anyone's buying me a cake for my birthday... *coughs* I would like to have a mango cake *coughs coughs* or a fruit cake! 

Cravings for Tori-Q! 

And boyfriend & I walked to get our cravings settled immediately. It's pretty good to have a boyfriend or even friends to have similar cravings. There! That's our favourite which was introduced by him, Chicken Skin. If you have not tried it before, please do! It's delicious and you can't stop at 1 stick so we bought 7 sticks to share. He wanted to buy 10 sticks, that's crazy haha. 

Ooooo~ Naked palettes from Urban Decay are finally here (all the way from united states). Well, not that Singapore is not selling it, but it's cheaper to get hold of them in US. 

Random picture of myself 

August has been really good lately and it's also my birthday month = double happiness! A long weekend ahead which means more time to spend with my loved ones. And the following week, is going to be my advanced birthday celebration with my friends! Excited! 

Have a good long weekend ahead and i'm going to patiently wait for the family to come back home before we can finally have dinner together. Bak Kut Teh tonight! Yes!

Till then

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