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Saturday, August 3, 2013 Friday Lovin'

Outfit Of The Day:
Black & White Top - Forever 21 | Black Skater Skirt - Bugis Street

Went to meet my good friends for Hannah's 20th Birthday dinner and they are my secondary school friends. Very happy that we still keep in contact till now :) oh! They are also my sleepover buddies! 

Hannah & Wiji! 

Celebrated Hannah's birthday dinner at Ma Maison! 

Floral table cloth~

Their escargots are the best! With the garlic and butter MmmMmmmm~

Forgotten what dish it is! Because my boyfriend decided to order for all of us try. 
If i am not wrong, it's onion gratin soup? I really have no idea what i was eating but it tasted alright i guess?

Squid Ink Spaghetti! Another must order dish :) 

The cutlet that my boyfriend ordered was really good! Also, I am very happy that my boyfriend takes note of all the little things i like. Over the years we've been together, he became more sensitive (in a good way) and considerate. He knows that I love miso soup so he will always sacrifice and leave them for me :') 

Me: So how many birthday cakes have you had this year? 
Hannah: None actually
Me: Huh? How can one not have at least 1 birthday cake on their birthday? 

Me: - Went to the cashier and paid for the bill & requested for a chocolate cake - 

So tadah!! Bought a chocolate raspberry cake for her <3

Headed to a dessert stall after that for our mango / durian cravings *slurrppppps*

Boyfriend and Wiji wanted Durian snow ice while Hannah & I wanted Mango shaved ice and guess what?

She ordered the wrong one for us!!!!!!! :'( 

But it's okay, i shall forgive you! 

But... here's an unglam photo of you HEHE

Boyfriend & Hannah! :) 

Did my nails the night before and i am aware that it's not professional looking as compared to nail parlors but i'll continue to improve and i love it a lot haha 


Ok remember about the 90s cafe that i am planning to visit later? It's postponed to next weekend so i'll share with you guys about the cafe next weekend instead!


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