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Saturday, August 24, 2013 Cookin' Fun

Here's some visuals from last weekend - Sunday! Nothing's better than waking up next to your loved one. That Sunday was perfect, we woke up pretty early than usual. Lazed around the bed before cooking lunch together. 

Our very own scrambled eggs which we are secretly quite proud of haha

Ever since mom got the Philips Air Fryer for the house, preparing frozen food has become an easy task for everyone. No more defrosting. No more stinking your whole kitchen or getting splattered by oil while deep frying. So while boyfriend was cooking the eggs, all I did was pop these babies into the Air Fryer, waited for about 15 minutes and voilĂ ! ;) 

We are such pigs on Sunday, especially! After our lunch, we lazed on the bed again and this was what happened a few hours later. 

Domino's Pizza almost every Sunday & this is basically what we would always order :) 



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