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Monday, August 19, 2013 My 20th Birthday Celebration (Part 1)

I am not that kind of girl who loves to throw birthday parties (Maybe for my 21st, I will!) Neither do I love to celebrate my birthday with a lot of people as I don't wish to be disappointed in any sort of ways. But at the start of 2013, I told myself to say "Yes" to more things, to get out of my comfort zone and create more beautiful memories. Therefore, I decided to celebrate my advanced 20th Birthday dinner with friends and loved ones on 17th August 2013, Saturday at Timbré. 

Black Long Sleeved Top - Zara // Floral Skater Skirt - ASOS // Belt - Moschino 


Reserved a table at Timbré, The Arts House - as I've walked pass it countless of times and thought it was a nice place to have dinner with friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend.

A really nice ambience - Perfect spot for couples / friends!

Mango Mojito 

Chicken Marsala Fettucine - $16
Sliced mushrooms and chicken in Marsala wine cream sauce. With fettuccine pasta


Roasted Duck Thin Crust Pizza - $20
*Highly recommended!*

Roasted duck breast, sauté shiitake mushroom with hoisin sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and crispy popiah skin

Smoked Salmon Thin Crust Pizza - $18
Sliced smoked salmon, sliced Spanish onions with sour cream, topped with mozzarella cheese

I've forgotten what pizza this is as my boyfriend ordered it and it's not stated in their menu online but if I am not wrong, it should be spicy lamb something? Which tasted pretty good too! :) 

Royce & Wiji! 

Larissa , Sueann, Hannah 


Ricardo, Xiu Ling , Leon! 

Leon & Wx! 

The Girls

The Boys 

Really appreciate the fact that all of them dressed up in the colour theme of Blue! :')


Apologies for the blur picture as the lighting was pretty bad for some reason and I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into it. Look! The ice cream was already melting. 

Where's Larrisa? 

Look at her teleporting in process ...

Finally, a happy group photo! :) 

Thank you to all of you for dressing up in the colour theme - Blue, coming down for my advanced 20th Birthday dinner and the birthday presents too! You guys are truly amazing and am very thankful to have such good friends and of course, my wonderful boyfriend in my life. #trulyblessed

Birthday prezzies from all my loved ones ♡

A gift from Ricardo, Leon, Xiu Ling with full of pink knick knacks + handmade birthday card! ♡

Kitty Charm from Hannah ♡

Money Bag Charm from Boyfriend ♡♡♡
Which I've been wanting this charm for the longest time!

Slowly building up my charms :) 
& take a second to look at the kitties paws? So adorable!


Ted Baker Wash Bag from Larissa, Philbert & Wijitra ♡

Ending off this entry with a short vlog taken at Timbré!

You have no idea how much courage it took me to edit this video and upload them. While editing, I even paused at certain timeline and covered my face (Super silly!) because I couldn't watched myself being so tense and nervous. Was quite embarrassed to be honest! Nonetheless, I decided to buck up my courage and post this video online! Don't laugh at me okay? :(

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!


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