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Tuesday, December 31, 2013 Christmas Lunch

Spent my Christmas with Hannah & Wiji which was such a lovely day :)

If you can tell the difference between the pictures above, that's because the first picture was taken via beauty mode in my camera and the second picture was taken in the normal mode. Taking pictures while waiting for seats and Hannah to arrive. Always in the same situation whenever we meet, haha!

Truffle Fries | SGD$12

Roast Chicken with Mash & Fondant Carrots | SGD$26

Bay Prawn Capellini | SGD$27

I forgotten what's the name of this dish as my friend ordered it, sorry!

8D Dempsey Road Singapore 249672 | Telephone 64757787

Will definitely be back because first and foremost, I love the ambience there and I can't wait to try out their Vintage High Tea Buffet soon! :) 

Tiffany & Co's Christmas tree at Taka!

While I was shopping for my Mom's christmas present, I came across this Iphone holder! 

Too cute!

Slept over at Hannah's house once again and y'know... the same old routine never gets old. Since it was Christmas, we caught Elf together with chips and beer. I think I've watched Elf thrice in December now & The Grinch! Haha. Such classic Christmas films. 

I've mentioned somewhere that I'll be doing a room tour during the festive season but on second thoughts, I decided not to due to personal reasons but took a few pictures to let ya'll see how I decorated my bedside table and Tv console table! :)

I like to decorate my little spaces according to my mood and the season (Though we don't really have any in Singapore) which I feel that the more I should so that I won't get bored of how my room looks! I believe changing bedsheets from time to time plays a part too. 

Beside my Tv, I've got Yankee Candle's Merry Marshmallow! Father Christmas candle holder and mini Christmas tree from Daiso. 

By the time you've read finished this entry, I'm already at Kuala Lumpur for a short getaway before returning back to work. This will also be the last entry for 2013. Happy New Year to all of you reading this space! :)

Monday, December 30, 2013 Coincidental Checkered

Assorted Weaved Statement Necklace - SGD$13.90

Last month, the factory accidentally sent the wrong item for Infinite Pixie as it was supposed to be a Dark Wine Checkered Dress but what I received was this Red Checkered Babydoll Top. Thank goodness the wrong item sent was wearable and immediately wore it out for a date with my love. 

I now have 10 over brand new pieces of the top I'm wearing above. So, if you are interested to get a piece for yourself, email me at with your preferred shipping method. I'll be selling them at SGD$14.90 now before it goes up on Infinite Pixie next year which be priced at SGD$17.90 instead. 


Just for laughs!

Sunday, December 29, 2013 Eighteen Chefs

This outing with my girlfriends took place in October which means it is also another late post. My aim is to quickly post up all the outdated entries before 2013 comes to an end. 

I miss my black-brown hair and this was anyhow done by yours truly using bottled hair dyes. This year, I've finally learnt how to appreciate shorter length hair so that it looks flattering on me. Ahem... because I'm not very tall. So chest length hair looks best on me. And that means, most of my brown bits are gone now (after cutting / trimming my hair every few months) so professional salons, here I come to get my hair coloured for 2014! *Excited*

At the waiting area | Waiting for seats and our dear Hannah to arrive! 

Dined at Eighteen Chefs that night! 

I have to be honest that the food wasn't the best especially the pasta but it would be considered cheap for a plate of pasta, drink and ice cream at the price of SGD$7+ when you present your student pass. Doubt I would be returning back because I feel Pastamania serves better pasta. You can give Eighteen Chefs a try if you're on a budget. 

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 8 Grange Road
#04-02 Singapore 239695 | Telephone: 67363800

Just for laughs! 

Ice Kachang for dessert which was quite bad too! #fail

Sleepover at Hannah's place! :)

Her cute little cat named Diana, love her so much! <3

Hannah forever can't stay up late so she fell asleep pretty early which was nothing unusual. Wiji & I stayed up till 4am drinking beer and just talking about anything and everything. Woke up the next morning and prepared breakfast for all of us before leaving! 

Hannah's dog - Tian Tian!