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Sunday, February 24, 2013 Bangkok - Feb

Started our day 3 for brunch at Roast Cafe! 

Woke up early to try our hotel's breakfast, not too bad and i quite like their thai jasmine curry rice! Which isn't a good idea to have that for breakfast but it's really nice :) 

Then, we headed off to Roast cafe and try their food there because we heard so many good reviews about it! 

Roast breakfast for me for Brunch! 

Yellow floral ruffle top coming to Infinitepixie soon! 
Some food stalls around the area after our Brunch :)

Visited After You for desserts because as what their slogan is - There's always room for desserts! :)

Can't wait to try this! 

Spot the boy in paper bag hahahaha he seemed mixed and he was indeed mischievous :P

Went off to MBK again to get laser for boyfriend before we went to Siam and as mentioned in my previous post, this is the another outlet (Mr Jones Orphanage) located at Siam! 

Don't judge me k! It was my first time trying A&W :( 

We finally have time to do manicure this trip! 

Tada!! Pretty rainbow leopard nails :) 

We also caught Flight at Siam Paragon! Another reason was because i wanna stand up in the cinema and hear how their national anthem sounds like. It was a good experience! The 4th day was just having breakfast at my favourite Kuay Chap (YAY IT FINALLY OPENED) haha cause every time i go back, it's always closed! 


Went back to Platinum mall again and was missing their tom yam soup so ordered a bowl + rice! After that, it was shopping time and this trip, i was broke. Haha. Left all the baht coins boohoo :( 

Shopped till the evening before we had to make a trip back to the airport to catch our flight. And this are us in the plane looking very happy to be back, just landed in Singapore! :) 

Yes, we were dressed in Bart Simpson's sweater haha 

Hello Tokyo Banana! Didn't got this from Bangkok la. Haha. One of my boyfriend's camp mate got this for the both of us. So sweet. Can't wait to try it and to share it with my family members too :D 

That's all for this Feb's Bangkok trip! I might wanna go back again soon. Maybe April / July or something cause i'll be busy with my house renovation etc... Let me know if you wanna go with me k! :) 


Saturday, February 23, 2013 Bangkok, again

Very sweet grandpa of mine bought noodles for boyfriend & I to eat at home before leaving to the airport 

Cravings for Bakerźin Bloody Mary Soup so ordered a bowl before catching our flight! 

There was damn little people in the plane so managed to get some rest in the plane and yes, this marks our very first bestfriend trip together! Definitely a memory. 

Just needed to eat something in plane otherwise it's too boring haha

Had my piggy head rest which helps a lot when i wanna rest / sleep in plane :) 

Touched down in Bkk and we were all ready to check in before having lunch! 

Went to my favourite pork noodles soup stall for lunch which is damn near our hotel, stayed at Ecotel Bangkok again by the way. 

Sylvia had their rice which i'm not a fan of but it's nice luh! 

Greedy me had 2 bowls and finished them all! *Rubs tummy* :D

Headed off to Platinum to do some shopping for myself and Infinitepixie before it was dinner time! Well, we supposed to have dinner at Central World but because our dearest friend, Ben (who was in bkk too), lost his phone. And a super nice thai lady found it, called Sylvia up so that we can collect his phone on Ben's behalf. But when we reached there, he already collected his phone. 

Thought it was a wasted trip until we decided to try S.U.M.O for dinner at MBK! 

Sushi!!! Not sure what is this because S ordered it but boy, it taste so good!
See all the crispy thing at the side of the sushi? So addictive! 

Fried dumpling, it was mediocre 

Bento set for myself while S had ramen! Not sure if you can see but i am in love with their mashed sticky potato thing on the top right corner of my bento. It was reallyyyyyy good! Try S.U.M.O if you're at MBK! It's located at Level 1 :) 

Grocery shopping!

A stall very near our hotel we stayed, went back for their Phad Thai and had them every single night! 

Tea served after massage and please don't judge my eye bags. it's damn bad!

A weird fact about me: 
Hotel desk in my room and toilet needs to be kept neat!

Woke up on the second day and had our brunch at Mr Jones Orphanage!

My breakfast consist of 2 toast with jam, bacon, eggs and strawberry yogurt! 
All for only 170Baht :)

Though i was pretty full from their breakfast but it would be such a waste to not try their cakes right? And i did! Tried their strawberry sponge cake for only 110Baht!

Walked out of this pretty, cute little cafe very happy! They do have another outlet at Siam though which i'll visit the next time. This outlet which i went to, is at Seenspace 13 which there are lesser people :)

Walked around and visited some of their little shops nearby!

And off we went to Terminal 21 which i was rather excited to visit because of their different countries themed at each level and also, i failed to visit during my last bkk trip in Dec! Needed a toilet badly and was surprised that their toilet was also based on the countries themed! This is Tokyo - Japan's level toilet!

Pressed the button beside STOP and it cleaned my ass hahahahaha! To be honest, i jumped a little. Didn't dare to press dry so i just clicked STOP and wiped myself. HAHA.

Geek shirt coming up in Infinitepixie!

Then, we went to London's toilet and look how excited i am! I really like London because most of my favourite youtube-rs are from there. Also, i've a friend in UK and if i were to visit them one day (Which i'll save $$$ for), hopefully he can bring me around! +++ PRIMARK IS THERE. I even left a comment at their fb saying to open an online store for primark so i can buy their clothes online :'(

Love how one of the shop displayed their shoes!  

One of their street shop which they brought in Obey, The Hundreds products etc... 

Went for massage but my favourite masseuse wasn't free that night! 

Will blog about Day 3 & Day 4 soon as there's too many photos in this post. Have a great Saturday everyone and stay healthy! Psst... It's Zirca last night tonight but am staying home instead of joining their last night. Just so i bet it's crowded and i dislike TOO CROWDED places. So yeah, am staying home with da boy instead! :)