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Sunday, September 1, 2013 Strictly Pancakes

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I'm not exactly a morning person but for this guy right here, I went to bed early last night (forced myself to sleep) so I could wake up early today to fetch him from his marathon at Padang. Super proud of you for finishing your run. Boy, you sure can run! *Thumbs up* 

Treated him breakfast and here we are at Strictly Pancakes! :) 
Also, we seldom have breakfast together so I was pretty excited! Haha. 

His constipated face while singing haha

Eggs-A-Way for him! 

Their scrambled eggs and bacon are so good!  

Benedict The Thief for me! 

Kinda disappointed with their poached eggs but at least they live up for their name. Strictly Pancakes. So yes, their pancakes are amazing. Not so for their poached eggs. 

Hungry boy! 


Got scolded by boyfriend for not finishing my food but I was really bloated :'( 
Also, I'm a messy eater. Heh!

And here's the current state of my nails! Blogged about my nails here and they have lasted so well! No nails were chipped and it's about 3 weeks+ now? Oh yes! Forgot to mention in that post that I did gel-ish and it was my first time doing it :) 

Proud of you :) 

Happy bellies! 

44A Prinsep Street Singapore 188674
 Tel: 6333 4202

Ending off this entry with a song that I've been loving a lot recently and hope you love it too :) 


"Just take my hand and just let go Feel the warmth beneath it starts to slow, Yeah, I believe for us is something new, Something real."

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