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Sunday, September 29, 2013 #IAMHARDWELLTOUR2013

Going to be blogging about Hardwell's tour finally! 

Amongst all DJs, I have to admit that Hardwell is one of my favourite DJ. Instead of always partying in a club, I guess it's time for some outdoor fun. Been together with my boyfriend for 4 years+, I still wish to have many 'first time' with him (Don't think dirty, in case you did). We have never participated in such outdoor events before. So I thought I'll surprise him with a #IAMHARDWELLTOUR ticket! :D

**After 2 months+ of wait and anticipation** 

The day was finally here! 20th September 2013 - BTT + Hardwell. Something that I was looking forward to in September. On a lighter note, I failed my BTT btw. Once I completed my test, result was shown like *bam* right in my face! Going to try again :( 

My gelish can last for so long! I'm amazed. It has been more than a month. Going to remove it next week though. Long nails can be quite irritating in the long run. 

Favourite Chocolate Chip Cream from Starbucks :)

& off we go for Hardwell's tour at Fort Canning Park!

We both really enjoyed our night! Headed off to Zouk for an after party with friends. Crazzzzyyyyy night and ended our night or rather started our morning with some Bak Kut Teh! Yumz. 

Ending this blogpost with a vlog! 

Hope you enjoyed the entire blog entry including the vlog :) 
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 10 Random Facts About Me

Hi everyone! 

Today, I'll be blogging about: 

1) My real name is Seraphina, (my dad gave me this name). However, didn't quite like my name since I was a little kid ... So, I'd always prefer people calling me Sera instead. Even till now. Well, it's much easier to pronounce anyway!

2) I HATE HATE HATE cockroaches and spiders. Well, actually most insects or weird little creatures freak me out. But these 2 are the ones that I'm afraid most. Eeks. 

3) Almost turned lesbian when I was Primary 6. Nuff said - Plain embarrassing.

4) Continuing from fact #3 - Due to the fact that I was in a convent school for 6 years, I was afraid of boys (except for my male cousins). It took me so much courage and almost a week to be able to open up to my Secondary school male classmates. Haha.

5) Whenever I'm eating, I'll tend to daydream for at least once while I enjoy my food till someone interrupts me. This is super weird but I only recently found out this weird habit of mine when my boyfriend told me about this.

6) I've always wanted to rear a cat, even till now because I'm a cat lover. Never had a chance to as my family members are quite anal about cat's fur sooooo I'll rear my very own cat when I have my own apartment in the future *crosses fingers*

7) Favourite drink if you ask me? Will always be Pokka's Green Tea!

8) My favourite game of all times has got to be SIMS! I started playing when I was in primary school. So, I've played Sims > Sims 2 > Sims 3 (Currently)! It's a serious addiction. I remembered when I was in secondary school when I had a lot of free time, I'll play it for the whole day and night. With little breaks in between of course when I eat and use the toilet etc...

Now I can't wait to get my university expansion pack. A good timing to get it anytime now because bf will be away for 3 weeks, so when I'm bored - heh heh heh. Of course, I'll spend time with friends & family too! ;)

9) Not a morning person. It is so hard for me to switch my body clock around! Tried & Tested. Failed.

10) Was admitted to hospital when I was 5. Made my dad super angry because my mom, dad & I were on a holiday somewhere in Malaysia. The first night - we had dinner by the beach. I was such a mischievous kid! Kept shaking my plastic chair (as if it was a rocking chair), but lost balance and fell on the ground full of sand BUT, my left elbow hit onto something metal. The metal part actually went through my elbow *ouch* and my elbow was seriously fractured.

Took a speedboat & ambulance back to Singapore and dad was seriously mad at me because it was such a #fail holiday. Don't worry dad, i'll bring you out for a holiday soon!

✖ Will be blogging about Hardwell's concert next! ✖

Sunday, September 22, 2013 Beauty Haul

Gosh, this week has been extremely busy and the coming week too - bet it's gonna be insane! Doubling my workload for the coming week as Infinite Pixie will be closed from 30th Sept to 2nd October for a short break. I usually don't do short breaks unless I'm leaving Singapore for a work trip but this time, I'll be taking a few days off from work to accompany the boyfriend and spend as much time together before he leaves Singapore for almost a month. The thought of it just dampens my mood :(


Today, I'll be blogging about some of the beauty products I've purchased from Luxola.

Sigma's Limited Edition Resort Palette

Been eyeing on this palette for months but it consist of 3 bright colours that I'd usually avoid which is the reason why it stopped me from purchasing at first. Contemplated for months and watched numerous YouTube videos on the Resort Palette's tutorial before purchasing. 

This year, my goal was to say "Yes" to more things. Therefore, I'll learn how to apply those vibrant coloured eye shadows without looking like a fool. Haha, I'll try though! *crosses fingers*

This palette is perfect for staycation or holidays because it consist of 8 eye shadows, 1 blush, 1 highlighter and 1 dual-ended eye liner pencil in Blue (Daydream) / Brown (Earth Goddess) as seen in the picture above. 

Sigma's Blending Brush

Sigma's Eye Shading Brush

Am super picky about brushes and I'll only use or purchase them if I genuinely like its texture. Was given a Sigma's sample brush when I first purchased from Luxola and I really like theirs! Thus, purchased 2 brushes for applying eye shadows and I hope it will not disappoint :) 

I don't own a lot of brushes as I said, I'm super picky about brushes. On top of that, my make up is pretty minimal. Thus, not a lot of brushes are required for my case. 

Sleek's Blush (Life's A Peach)

My first purchase from Sleek was Rose Gold (as seen on the left) and after Luxola updated me via email saying that 'Life's A Peach' has been restocked, I have to get it! Used it immediately on the next day and it's a natural blush colour. Sleek's blush is very pigmented so all's good! :) 


Products are purchased with my own money and all opinions are 100% honest from me 

My dresser post is still not up yet because I'm still not sure if I would like to film it into a video or updating them in pictures. So it's pending at the moment alright? I'll also be doing a room tour soon, once the full decoration of my room is completed. Because I still have a wall that's empty. 

Hope you've enjoyed this post and here's a sneak video of what I was up to on Saturday night ;) 

Monday, September 16, 2013 1st Giveaway

Hello everyone! 

A few weeks back - I chanced upon this cute little transparent pouch, fell in love with it immediately and purchased it for myself. Also, the next thing I thought to myself was,"Hey, maybe I should do a giveaway on my blog" which I thought it is rather fresh and interesting so I purchased one more for giveaway. I have been doing so many giveaways for the past few years & counting with Infinitepixie but none on this platform. 

You won't just be receiving the Transparent Pouch alone because I am adding 3 accessories into this giveaway as well as shown below:

Potion Bracelet 

This was the best selling item in Infinitepixie but it's no longer available now. Am glad to say that I have a brand new piece with me. Stretchable thus one size fits all. 

Infinity Ring 

Chanel Iphone 4/4s Cover

All items for giveaway are brand new and not carried / worn out before except for taking photos

How To Win?
➠ Follow me on Twitter (here) and Instagram (here)
➠ Once you're done following on both platforms, leave me an email at with the email subject 'Giveaway Submission', include your Twitter username + Instagram username and tell me how you get to know my blog!

Giveaway Rules
➠ This giveaway is open to all Singaporeans only 
➠ Giveaway will end on 30th September 2013, 11:59PM (GMT+8)
➠ One must complete all the following steps stated above in order to be qualified in this giveaway
➠ 1 lucky winner will be chosen and he / she will be notified via email & announced on my blog

You may also click the Giveaway link at the top of my blog or click here for the information.
Good luck!

Sunday, September 15, 2013 Itacho Sushi


Top (Ying Yang Tank Top): Topshop 
Bottom (White Studded Frayed Shorts): Forever 21
Outerwear (Slouchy Knitted Cardigan): Click here to purchase
Bag (Deluxue Suede Satchel): Click here to purchase
Necklace (Egypt kind of design necklace): Personal Piece


Nothing's better than spending time with my love (other than family) on a weekend after a hectic week, every single week. Queued up for Itacho Sushi and we had 30 minutes to spare before it's our turn so we went down to basement and had small bites. This is our favourite! I love mine to be extremely spicy but my boyfriend can't take it so the spiciness was pretty mild.  Still... love it! :)

Finally... it's our turn! 

Snap snap snap... while bf place order for the both of us ;) 

This was my main dish for the night ... crab meat salad! Yumz 

Wanted to catch The Purge but there wasn't any timings available thus we went home and watched online instead. Some scenes are super gore and quite disturbing but I like anyway! Haha.