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Monday, November 25, 2013 A Mini Haul

Last week was really stressful. The work that I had to complete was insane as it was 3x more than my usual weekly workload. To reward myself for completing my work, I went for a mini shopping trip and to restock on my monthly candles from Yankee Candle.  

H&M is well stocked up with pretty accessories at the moment so you can probably check them out!

My love for candles will never die. This month, I've picked up Summer Scoop! And since Christmas is coming, I've picked up Merry Marshmallow for a festive scent. (Also, started decorating my room with Christmas decorations and I'm just so excited about it!) This is the nicest Christmas scent, I feel. Because the rest were quite a letdown. Last but not least, I had to pick up Bahama Breeze in a bigger size this time because it smells seriously good! Not kiddin', 100% recommended :)

Soap & Glory's Shower Gel and Flake Away Body Scrub for a pampering bath session. I'll not recommend using it daily though as it can be too drying for the skin. For me, I'll use it 2-3 times a week. Followed by a body lotion afterwards which leaves your skin smooth and soft! :) 


Psst... visit today for some retail therapy and pick out some gifts for yourself or your loved ones today! Orders placed via Spree #92 will be delivered to you before Christmas :) 

& this week's promotion!

We will stop taking orders on 26th November 2013, 11.30PM (GMT+8)!

Sunday, November 24, 2013 ORD Parade // 48 SAR Family Day

Woke up before daybreak to get ready for my boyfriend's ORD parade early in the morning! If you know me, I'm not exactly a morning person but this is such an important occasion and by hook or by crook, I have to be there. This occasion means a lot to me and I'm sure it means a lot to him as well when he knows that I'm present. Also, it was raining quite heavily and felt pretty heartache when he had to march / stand under the rain. Being like a mother here. Haha. 

The prestigious Guard of Honor Contingent

:) :) :) 

The battalion's Leopard Tanks

When everything ended, I was so glad to meet him! :) 

His buddy - Melvin!

Of course I had to take some pictures with him for memories hehe 

Just for laughs

Very proud of him for completing this milestone :') 

His bunk mates! 

The Bronco operators! 

Speaking about Bronco, I managed to hitch a ride. Not once but twice and it feels superrrrrrrr awesome! & It was too enjoyable till I forgot to take a picture of the vehicle :( 

By the time we left his camp, it was already mid afternoon and we were famished! Suggested Dian Xiao Er since we had never dine there before and not regretting it one bit! 

Angelica Herbal Duck


I was contemplating to order this dish because there are herbs and who likes herbs? Not me anyway. But it was such a good dish, the herbal taste was really subtle and I'll definitely order this when I visit again :D

Fried Shrimp Egg! 

Sweet & Sour Pork 


Baby Kai Lan w/ Salted Fish & Lime

This is also another must order dish! :D

To be honest, we ordered a little too much for 2 person BUT we he managed to wipe out everything! Hahaha. But hey! I ate most of the sweet & sour pork okay haha. 

Will definitely be back again to try out their other recommended dishes!
Also, if you spend a minimum of SGD$50 - You'll get to enjoy 10% off if you pay via POSB/DBS CARD.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 Sera The Baker

Okay... I'm totally kidding about the baker part as seen above as my post title. I'm not an excellent baker because in the process of baking, quite a number of things was done by me based on estimation. Or what we Singaporeans call it the - 'Aga Aga'. My mom aka the perfectionist kept telling me that it shouldn't be done this way and what nots. She's right because some of the cupcakes kind of exploded.

No recipe from me at the moment because I don't want anyone of you to get food poisoning. Right, is not that serious but somehow, I mistook whole milk and heavy cream. Can we just announce that the clever award goes to me? 

After all the horrifying moments in the kitchen, most of the cupcakes turned out alright! (As you can see from the far left cupcake kinda exploded from its shell) Overall, I made a few mistakes here and there but it was at least edible + it was my first try. To all experienced bakers out there, please spare me with all the judgements. Haha. 

Distributed some of the nicer looking ones to my neighbours and I'm glad that they love it! I will master my baking skills and once it's 100% successful, I'll share my recipe with all of you. Just not now haha.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 Sueann's 21st // Dinner At Fika

Got terribly ill last week! First it was - waking up with a high fever, feeling cold 24/7 and body aches all over. Dragged my feet all the way to the nearest clinic myself and waited for an hour+ before consultation. The waiting process was hell due to the throbbing headache!? Then, it was flu and cough a few days later. The worst thing was my fever keeps coming back! Nonetheless, I really appreciate the fact that the boy took leave just to take care of me, lending a helping hand during mailing of parcels and helping me out during the mass meet up. Else, I really don't have the energy and strength to deliver so many parcels. Thankful ♥

So after staying home for a week, 
I got better on Sunday and found myself at Fika celebrating my friend's birthday :) 


Happy 21st Sueann!