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Friday, December 28, 2012 Bangkok Trip Day 1

After many months of hard work, it finally paid off at the end of December whereby i could leave Singapore and have a nice year end break + Christmas celebration together with boyfriend and friends in Bangkok! Also, it has been a dream to travel with my boyfriend and i can finally say 'Mission Accomplished'! :D

Had affordable western meal the night before we flew and its standard is considered good for a hawker centre and it's the one at Jalan Besar! Recommended by my boyfriend! It was also a lovely night to hang out with his family at home before we flew too! :) 

Exchanged more money at Mustafa and was quite bummed that the exchange rate was 2.48. Better than nothing cause i was aiming for 2.5! Lol. Went home to settle some Infinitepixie's admin work. Last minute packing and im finally proud to say that i did not leave out anything! As i always tend to leave something out for my overseas trip but this time, everything was checked!

DAY 1 

Breakfast at Terminal 1 and mom was nice enough to send boyfriend & i to the airport at 4. 
Super blessed and grateful cause she had work the next day! :/ 

'A must take picture' in the plane before you go, right? Haha. 

Awww! Super cute boyfriend of mine whining just to get his window seat hahaha

The moment we touched down, placed our luggages in the hotel lobby and 'chiong' to Chatuchak! The weather really... thank goodness i didn't went home one shade darker or something haha. Wanted to shop REAL badly after walking pass so many shops that caught my eye but my stomach was growling so settled at some random stall first!

Their fried rice are damn awesomeeeeeeee! Can't remember how much it cost but it's cheap and shouldn't cost more than SGD$3? Their rice are very 'mian mian' in chinese! Haha. Sticky? Love it! 

Fanatic boyfriend and Larissa who are egg lovers! 

No reason to not buy coconut ice cream / coconut juice under hot weather to quench your thirst right? After hours of shopping, leg was dying and walked pass this cafe called Room 253! Quite vintage looking cafe!  

Coffee and tea served in these long wooden thingy! Haha. 

And what's Bangkok without mango sticky rice? Ooooooooo~ 

Stalls were closing one by one and we dropped all of our hauls at the hotel and finally able to check in! The hotel we stayed is Ecotel Bangkok // Superior Double.

Customer service: 
Size of the room: 

Customer service was good as the moment we entered, there were staffs who greeted us quickly, carried our luggages when we were outside so they actually noticed for any incoming guests, and the receptionist was quick enough to answer our questions quickly in order for us to check in as soon as possible! The downside is... each time we return back to our hotel, there is this guy staff who will always be at the reception counter, it would be perfectly normal when you greet your guests each time they come back, no? But he will only look at you, and not smile. So quite bad service for that! Till the very last day, when Philbert and my boyfriend offered to give him ciggs, then he became super friendly. Hmm....... 

Location is not as good as other hotels such as Glow / Novotel etc.. as those are situated at Pratunam area. For Ecotel, Be prepared to walk about 15 minutes to popular shopping malls such as Platinum mall. It was alright for all of us as we are obviously healthy enough and talking/laughing while walking keeps time moving fast! Or if you're lazy, you can easily find tuk tuk / taxi around the hotel. 

Size of the room is considered spacious to fit 2 luggages and still have enough space to walk around! Tv isn't flat screen nor mounted to the wall but it's alright as we spend most of our time outside and only switch on the tv for fun while we did our packing / eating / resting etc... so it's really fine for my case! :) 

Cleanliness is passable but just thought that the hotel can take note of small details to let customers feel that they actually do care. As each room have notepads placed beside the bed on their beside table. And there are scribbles all over the notepad which i assume it's drawn by the previous guests. Next is about their cups placed at the sink area, they wrapped it up with a clear plastic and when i took it out, the plastic was still damp / wet. Which means they didn't let the cups dry properly. But all these things can be easily removed and washed for the points that i pointed out. 

Lastly, it's value for money as it's really really really cheap! It cost about SGD$190++ for 4D3N which boils down to SGD$60+ per night. So it's great if you're on a tight budget! 

Had a shower, washed our feet (Bangkok is dirtier than Singapore), unpacked our luggages and off we go to Siam Paragon if i'm not wrong!! Or is it Central world? Hmmm honestly i can't remember but both shopping malls has MK restaurant! It's a popular steamboat restaurant in Bangkok so do try, healthy and affordable! Bill came up to about 1000Baht = SGD$40 for 4 people.

Love their speciality sauce! 

A must have dish when you're there! Their roasted duck, not a fan of duck but theirs, i really like it! So do everyone :) 

Walked around after our dinner and came across this lovely shop which sells beautifully decorated cupcakes and they are so detailed! 

Walked around their street market nearby and there many women fashion stalls there! You can find cheap/affordable/ clothes there and don't be shy to bargain k! Please make sure that you really like it before you start to bargain otherwise, the owner may get angry for you wasting their time.

Ended our night with a foot massage nearby our hotel which cost only 200Baht = SGD$8 for an hour. The massager for me named "Aim"? Not sure if it's correct spelling but it's pronounced as as "Aim". Boyyyy, she's really good and i love her! Went for massage 3 consecutive nights and always look for her to massage for me :)

All of us persuaded my boyfriend to join us for massage and so cute isn't he! Haha. Just look at his face! Got back to hotel to bathe and rested on our bed. Not long after, both of us just dozed off! 

Cute pastel charms bracelet which i got from Chatuchak for only 20Baht = SGD$0.80!!!!
And this super cute coin purse which cost 20Baht also! :D

Well day and night spent for Day 1 and will be blogging about Day 2 & 3 soon! :) 
A fun filled weekend ahead *fingers crossed* 

Also, Infinitepixie big fat sale is here! 
Up to 80% off all items under What's Available starting from SGD$4.70 and nothing above SGD$15.50! 

Sales will end on 1st January 2013, 11.59pm and all items are left with limited quantities so act fast! :) 

Am stoked for tonight's event at Zirca, Snooze pajamas party which hopefully my friends can make it otherwise it would be quite stupid to party with just me and my boyfriend right? Haha. I really wanna wear some furry slipper, cute headgear, dress cute and comfortable enough to party. Heh :B 

Ask me any questions over at my formspring: 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012 Zoo Trip

I decided to give a few days off from work since boyfriend is having his block leave now and would really wanna cherish all the time i am able to spend with him. On another hand, i've been working hard for the past 2 weeks and i guess i should give myself a rest. For the past few days, we could just spend the whole day eating. More pictures on that will be uploaded soon. And we decided to head to the zoo today!!! I wanted to make a trip down to the zoo since the start of last year but due to our schedule, we couldn't make it. So, we seized the chance today! :)

Me being so excited! Haha. 

Look at the otters! 

This vending machine is cursed. 

It started to rain quite heavily so we decided to seek for shelter and me being forever thirsty, i decided to get a bottle of drink. Even though it cost a bomb like what? $3? And when i insert the first $1 coin, it slide down but it didn't went in so it remained there. Stucked. So i inserted another $1 coin thinking that it would be able to push the first coin but no it didn't, it got stucked too! 

I peeped and there was so many coins stucked in there! 
Boyfriend tried to use paper and get the money out. We got our money back in the end and decided to just endure and buy a bottle of drink at the convenience store instead. Urgh. 

And that's the end of the zoo trip's pictures.

Was kinda disappointed that we couldn't visit the Kidz world as i would very much love to see the ponies!! We woke up late and only reached about 1pm? Hehe. Would make a trip back perhaps at the end of the year! :)