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Friday, August 16, 2013 Pampered Girl

Hello everybody! ☼

Here's what I wore yesterday for some pampering session and to be honest, I wanted to wear this dress to the beach someday but it's too pretty to be kept in my wardrobe!! The crochet details are made with good quality and material is thin so I was able to put up with the heat in this outfit. Definitely a plus point! If you realize, the dress is a little short on me so I wore a pair of white shorts underneath for extra protection. 

White Embroidery Laser Cut Dress - SGD$26.50

Headed over to The Arcade (Nearest MRT: Raffles Place) for a manicure & pedicure session! I've forgotten to take a picture of the shop but it's located at the 3rd Storey.

Here's a picture of my horrible nails :( 

Gorgeous mommy dropped by to deliver my lunch (Because I didn't had time to eat) - Chicken Pie from Polar and a cup of Honey Dew fruit juice! Thank you ♡

Not very nicely decorated nail salon to be honest but the shop owners take their job seriously which is the most important factor in my opinion. 

The lady in the photo did a classic pedicure for me and she was very patient throughout the whole process. Despite the fact that she have not had her lunch, she continued to be patient and finished up her work before going off for her lunch break. 

The lady boss - Ki Ki did manicure for me and each time she's concentrating, for instant, painting a straight line on my nail, my hands will start to shake a little from time to time due to the intense stress (Do you get that too or if it's just me?) but thanks to her stable hands, everything's fine! The whole process was enjoyable that I had a little snooze in between haha. 

Here's the end product and I love 'em!! :) 

As it matches with my skirt that I'm planning to wear on Sat! 

Went over to Corner Hair Salon at Republic Plaza next for a hair treatment and told my hair stylist (Sofia) that my hair have been dropping a lot recently so she checked my scalp to find out that it is sensitive due to the wrong shampoo usage! Goodbye Pantene :( 

On top of that, I found out that my roots are pretty weak and the weight of my hair is too much for the pores to handle which explains the situation here. Therefore, Sofia had to cut away 4 inches of my hair. Quite heartbroken but for my hair, I'll heed her advice. 

After 4 hours of treatment and haircut....

I went home with super soft hair and my head definitely feels much lighter. Beginning to love my hair even more now! 

So soft to the extend that I can't stop touching my hair!

Corner Hair Salon
Republic Plaza, #B1-03, 9 Raffles Place, Singapore 048619
Operating Hours : 7.30am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) 10am – 5pm (Sat)
Tel: 64385363 / 6438 5324

Also, my mom has a shop inside Corner Hair Salon under Republic Plaza outlet and she provides services such as Eyebrow Trimming, Waxing, IPL Treatment, Make Up Services etc... Didn't had time to do my monthly IPL treatment so I'll drop by her shop next week and blog about it :)

The weekends are here, finally! Many more hours to go before meeting lé boy for dinner tonight and hoping that this weekend will be an unforgettable experience ♡

Services are paid with my own money and all opinions are 100% honest from me

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