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Sunday, September 1, 2013 Chatterbox #1

Hello again!

I miss my photobooth and started videoing myself talking and have decided to create a new Vimeo account. The reason being is because I've decided to do something new! Youtube will be an online platform where I upload proper videos such as hauls and vlogs etc... whereas videos under Vimeo is going to be more of talking. Somewhat like a chatterbox which is why I'm naming my first video Chatterbox #1 :) 

The video i've uploaded is a raw file which means there's zero editing and I've mentioned in the video, somewhere along the line ,"By the time you're watching this video, my blogpost will be updated long ago" The blogpost I am referring to is the previous post and you can ignore that because I didn't expect to upload this video on the same day!

Chatterbox #1 from Sera Lo on Vimeo.

Do let me know if you enjoy such chatter videos? This is how I've spent my Sunday, and maybe you can leave me a comment below and share with me how you had spent your Sunday! Or if you had a bad day, share your woes with me :)

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