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Sunday, September 29, 2013 #IAMHARDWELLTOUR2013

Going to be blogging about Hardwell's tour finally! 

Amongst all DJs, I have to admit that Hardwell is one of my favourite DJ. Instead of always partying in a club, I guess it's time for some outdoor fun. Been together with my boyfriend for 4 years+, I still wish to have many 'first time' with him (Don't think dirty, in case you did). We have never participated in such outdoor events before. So I thought I'll surprise him with a #IAMHARDWELLTOUR ticket! :D

**After 2 months+ of wait and anticipation** 

The day was finally here! 20th September 2013 - BTT + Hardwell. Something that I was looking forward to in September. On a lighter note, I failed my BTT btw. Once I completed my test, result was shown like *bam* right in my face! Going to try again :( 

My gelish can last for so long! I'm amazed. It has been more than a month. Going to remove it next week though. Long nails can be quite irritating in the long run. 

Favourite Chocolate Chip Cream from Starbucks :)

& off we go for Hardwell's tour at Fort Canning Park!

We both really enjoyed our night! Headed off to Zouk for an after party with friends. Crazzzzyyyyy night and ended our night or rather started our morning with some Bak Kut Teh! Yumz. 

Ending this blogpost with a vlog! 

Hope you enjoyed the entire blog entry including the vlog :) 
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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