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Wednesday, September 25, 2013 10 Random Facts About Me

Hi everyone! 

Today, I'll be blogging about: 

1) My real name is Seraphina, (my dad gave me this name). However, didn't quite like my name since I was a little kid ... So, I'd always prefer people calling me Sera instead. Even till now. Well, it's much easier to pronounce anyway!

2) I HATE HATE HATE cockroaches and spiders. Well, actually most insects or weird little creatures freak me out. But these 2 are the ones that I'm afraid most. Eeks. 

3) Almost turned lesbian when I was Primary 6. Nuff said - Plain embarrassing.

4) Continuing from fact #3 - Due to the fact that I was in a convent school for 6 years, I was afraid of boys (except for my male cousins). It took me so much courage and almost a week to be able to open up to my Secondary school male classmates. Haha.

5) Whenever I'm eating, I'll tend to daydream for at least once while I enjoy my food till someone interrupts me. This is super weird but I only recently found out this weird habit of mine when my boyfriend told me about this.

6) I've always wanted to rear a cat, even till now because I'm a cat lover. Never had a chance to as my family members are quite anal about cat's fur sooooo I'll rear my very own cat when I have my own apartment in the future *crosses fingers*

7) Favourite drink if you ask me? Will always be Pokka's Green Tea!

8) My favourite game of all times has got to be SIMS! I started playing when I was in primary school. So, I've played Sims > Sims 2 > Sims 3 (Currently)! It's a serious addiction. I remembered when I was in secondary school when I had a lot of free time, I'll play it for the whole day and night. With little breaks in between of course when I eat and use the toilet etc...

Now I can't wait to get my university expansion pack. A good timing to get it anytime now because bf will be away for 3 weeks, so when I'm bored - heh heh heh. Of course, I'll spend time with friends & family too! ;)

9) Not a morning person. It is so hard for me to switch my body clock around! Tried & Tested. Failed.

10) Was admitted to hospital when I was 5. Made my dad super angry because my mom, dad & I were on a holiday somewhere in Malaysia. The first night - we had dinner by the beach. I was such a mischievous kid! Kept shaking my plastic chair (as if it was a rocking chair), but lost balance and fell on the ground full of sand BUT, my left elbow hit onto something metal. The metal part actually went through my elbow *ouch* and my elbow was seriously fractured.

Took a speedboat & ambulance back to Singapore and dad was seriously mad at me because it was such a #fail holiday. Don't worry dad, i'll bring you out for a holiday soon!

✖ Will be blogging about Hardwell's concert next! ✖

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