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Sunday, September 15, 2013 Itacho Sushi


Top (Ying Yang Tank Top): Topshop 
Bottom (White Studded Frayed Shorts): Forever 21
Outerwear (Slouchy Knitted Cardigan): Click here to purchase
Bag (Deluxue Suede Satchel): Click here to purchase
Necklace (Egypt kind of design necklace): Personal Piece


Nothing's better than spending time with my love (other than family) on a weekend after a hectic week, every single week. Queued up for Itacho Sushi and we had 30 minutes to spare before it's our turn so we went down to basement and had small bites. This is our favourite! I love mine to be extremely spicy but my boyfriend can't take it so the spiciness was pretty mild.  Still... love it! :)

Finally... it's our turn! 

Snap snap snap... while bf place order for the both of us ;) 

This was my main dish for the night ... crab meat salad! Yumz 

Wanted to catch The Purge but there wasn't any timings available thus we went home and watched online instead. Some scenes are super gore and quite disturbing but I like anyway! Haha. 

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