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Friday, September 6, 2013 A Date With Lé Boy

Dress (Oriental Floral Babydoll Dress): Click here to purchase

Arm candies for the day 

Love my new sandals! :) 

Head to JEM with boyfriend and we settled down for dinner at Spageddies! 

Caesar Salad 

Mushroom Soup


And here's our main dishes and we were really disappointed with their pastas :( 

It wasn't worth the price because mine cost $13+ and boyfriend's main dish cost $16+. I would say that Pastamania's standards are way better than theirs and it's cheaper too. Our total bill amounted to $60+ and the food was just not worth the price.

Maybe we ordered the wrong pastas and the final verdict? ... we won't be back anytime soon sadly! 

Alright... my main point was to get my Yankee Candles and you have no idea how happy I was? We walked around Level 1 for two rounds before we were able to find it. It's only opposite Bread Talk and the moment I saw 'YANKEE CANDLE', I pretty much ran towards the shop like a small kid! 

Even boyfriend shook his head and said," Go go go, go ahead" like he's the father. Hahaha.

:D :D :D 

The moment the salesman asked, "If you spend SGD$80 and above, you can join our membersh...." before he could even finish his sentence, i replied,"YES YES YES!" with a wide smile on my face. Sorry, but I just cannot contain my excitement! 

I'm such a candle lover and this is my night routine if you ask me... 
Bathe > Change into my comfy PJs > Light up my favourite candles > Watch Youtube videos ...

Till I'm tired and i'll just go to bed :) 

Went home to catch my drama and here's what I got from JEM! 

Tea Tree Oil products! 

Lo and Behold...
Here are the scents that I picked up from YC :) 

Waikiki Melon // Bahama Breeze // Mandarin Cranberry

Got a candle holder that was on sale too! 

Guess my favourite candle of all? :) 

It's the Bahama Breeze! Candles are so addictive and my mom tease me by saying,"So you practically spend money and watch them burn into air" Hahahaha 

Ending off this posts with some pictures of myself and I love my floppy hat! 

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