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Friday, July 5, 2013 Mini Haul

Just realized i did not update my blog for half a month! :(

And me... decided to shop online and send in my orders together with my customers via my online sprees and here's a video of my MINI HAUL!

Do change the settings to 720P for HD aka clearer video!


 ▶ Pink x Yellow Triangle Earrings: NIL 
 ▶ Assorted Coloured Triangle Earrings: NIL 
 ▶ Silver x Evil Eye Necklace: NIL 
 ▶ Gold Cross Chain Necklace: NIL 

 These accessories are not available in yet and may never will as I personally ordered for myself. BUT, if you are interested in any of the products, do email me at (personal) OR (business) and i can order for you.

▶ Summer Lace Tee | White

▶ Light Denim Acid Washed Shorts

▶ 3D Floral Clutch | White

Hope you enjoyed this video and will be preparing my next blog post about my June's Favourites, products i've been loving in the month of June. 

In the meantime,  have a great weekend ahead! 

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