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Wednesday, July 31, 2013 Midweek date

Had dinner with my corporal after our work! It's really rare of us to have dinner together in a restaurant during weekdays, so I was really happy of course for able to eat to my heart's content! :D

While he was busy flipping through the menu, me the hungry girl couldn't stop picking all my favourite sushis! 

Poor boy was having a stomachache and didn't had much appetite so he picked this super small sized bowl of rice! It's really small, like one scoop of rice which cost us SGD$4.99 LOL -____-


Is my favourite, a must order side dish for me! 

Very satisfying dinner!

Went home to catch our favourite 9PM drama, which we missed the first 40 minutes! :(
Will catch up on xinmsn later hehe 

Prints of the day

Bag from New Look has arrived! 
I've been purchasing so many bags lately which spells a haul video soon!

Going to reply emails in a bit and edit pictures for tomorrow's new spree! 

Till then xx

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