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Saturday, July 27, 2013 Happy Birthday, Larissa!

Hi everybody! 

If you've not known, i've purchased a new camera for myself as my advanced birthday present and the reason why I was so eager to get it was because this weekend is really happening. So many birthdays going on! Now, I'm at my grandparent's house blogging while using my phone's internet and hope you'll enjoy this blogpost as much as i've enjoyed drafting it.

Speaking about my grandparents, I've decided to stay during weekends more often to spend time with them. Both of them are getting old and I don't wish to have any regrets when they are gone. They are ones taking care of me since 5 years old till now, so i'm really not used to it that they are not staying over with me and my mom at our new house. They rejected because it's too far for them to travel around :( 

Woke up on Friday morning and immediately captured a random photo of my floral bedsheet haha

Outfit of the day and apologies for the messy background 

Bag of the night! - 3D Flora / Rose Clutch from my online store :) 
You can purchase the clutch at

Testing the beauty mode (Still figuring how does the auto focus work under manual because it doesn't seem to auto focus at all) So yes, slightly blur! 

Went over to Goodwood Park Hotel for one of my good friend's 21st birthday! 

These are made with love by Philbert's sister and it taste really good! 
If i am not wrong, it's nutella flavour *slurppppps*

Hilarious guy here!

Secondary school mates! Shi Xuan & Xue Fang :) 

My dearest boy :)

Birthday girl  - Larissa! 

Little treats for everyone from Larissa and it's blueberry cake in a jar. 
Usually not a fan of blueberry but this taste fine surprisingly! Well, it taste more like yogurt haha


Boyfriend writing a birthday card for Larissa!

Such a pretty cake! :) 

To Larissa: 

Knew this girl when I was 14 years old and we met through mutual friends in school and partially because we were in the same CCA. On top of that, the reason why we choose Science Club as our CCA (ahem, i know, science club, geek kids on the loose~) was because it's one of the 'slackest' CCA. Haha! 

Well, I never thought that we would still keep in contact after graduating from secondary school. Never even thought that we would be good friends *blush* We can talk about anything and everything under the sun! After calculating, we've been friends for 6 years and counting. Cheers to many more years of friendship! Love you, Larissa ♥

Went over to DREAM for a short while and was bored to death. Put that aside, left pretty early and had supper with boyfriend. Our favourite prawn noodles! SO GOOD! 

Had also filmed a vlog which i'll edit soon and quickly upload them. Have another birthday party later on at Goodwood Park Hotel again (LOL) Pretty worn out now, so goodnight everyone, don't let the bed bugs bite hehe. 


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