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Monday, July 29, 2013 Pei Qin's 21st Birthday!

On Saturday, Boyfriend & I made a trip to Goodwood Park Hotel again for another friend of ours for her 21st Birthday party. 

Also, that night, I've met the most desperate and cunning Korean guy. To find out what happened, it's situated at the bottom of this post. Before that, here's some pictures spam! Also, if you are wondering what camera i've purchased... its the Samsung EX2F :) 

Random selfie while waiting for my sloth to get ready ... nowadays guys take a longer
time to prepare than girls hmmmm what's going on? Haha. 

The theme for Pei Qin's 21st Birthday was COLOURFUL and this is boyfriend's outfit! He tried his very best to dress himself up as colourful as possible because his wardrobe are filled with black apparels.  

Denim Shirt - Overseas // Khaki Bermuda Shorts - H&M // Shoes - Sperry 

& I was dressed in a Topshop Inspired Floral 2-Piece Set from Infinite Pixie long time ago! 

Also, I'm in the midst of updating my preloved items and will be selling away this too for SGD$10, so if you are interested, do email me at

Worn twice lightly and it's in excellent condition with no wear and tear. 

Birthday girl happily posing with her present that i bought for her :) 


Meet my secondary school mates! 


Oh. My. Gawd

Look at the unicorn candles!!! Too adorable!! 

Looking very dead the next morning but still insist to take a picture LOL 

To Pei Qin: 

I totally remembered when was the day that we became good friends. It was me waiting for a friend for 1 hour plus and waited in vain because that friend of mine couldn't make it and complained to Pei Qin. She immediately said,"Come! Join me and the rest to party" Back then, I was only 15 years old. Didn't had a decent dress to party, she immediately said,"Drop by my house! I'll lend you mine" Nuff' said. A friend like this, is a keeper. I'll always remember that night :') 

Hope you had a blast and can't wait to see you soon! 


I've met the most disgusting guy on earth. 

Right.. so during the party, one of my friend - Hui Ling, brought along her Korean guy friend to Pei Qin's birthday party because he doesn't have much friends in Singapore. He greeted me really politely so that actually gave me a good first impression. So, we started chatting in a group about music, celebrities, Singapore's culture etc... till morning. 

There was a bottle of Grey Goose left so he wanted all of us to drink at friggin' 7AM!? I didn't drink much because i was already pretty worn out but still hanging on. That korean guy (forgotten his name, sorry!) drank shots after shots and beer and no freaking idea what else he drank, because the next thing i knew.... he told me he's having a stomachache and needed the toilet badly. 

Hui Ling kept asking all of us to ask that korean guy to leave. At that point of time, we girls wanted to swim so he needs to leave right? I mean, as a guest, one should know when to leave. It would also be quite awkward for a guy to be at the poolside with us. 

I checked on him, asking if he is okay because he was apparently puking in the toilet. When he came out, he told me he needed to rest on the bed. 

Ok fine. 

We gave him some time to rest. Another friend of my mine apparently knows how to speak Korean so she was asking if he's okay and bla bla bla and then, THAT GUY STARTED TO BE A LITTLE TOUCHY WTF. Kept holding her hands and pulling her to the bed to lie beside him. Obviously, we were pissed off. But not to the max yet. Because there's still more coming up! 

I also noticed a pattern. He's aiming at all the single girls. So i started to keep an eye on him in case anything happens. Because Pei qin was napping on the bed, and didn't want him to take liberties with her. But guess what? He didn't even bother to touch me because he knew i have a boyfriend but him being so touchy with all the single ladies. It became obvious. 

Hui Ling noticed hand movements under the blanket. So we pulled the blanket away and asked the Korean Guy to wake up. We were worried! Because there are 2 of our girlfriends sleeping on the bed. 

HE DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE K. But we were all stern and said it was the check out timing. He reluctantly left the bed, took his freaking own sweet time to....

- wash his face 
- smoke in the balcony 

(A guy friend asked him to smoke while walking to the main road but the korean guy refused. Insisted to smoke in the balcony)

- wash his face again!?!?! 
- And finally left 

We were all relieved. BUT THAT'S NOT THE END!!! 
He rang the doorbell for a good 15 minutes and we asked what he wants now, he said he forgotten his phone. Okay, i understand. 

So here's the next convo: 

Korean Guy: I thought it's the check out timing, why you guys aren't leaving yet? 
All Of Us: Oh we are preparing to check out 
Korean Guy: Ok, i wait


All Of us (Spoke in chinese): Come! Let's pretend to leave so that he can freaking leave

Hui Ling and Pei Qin stayed at the hotel while me and another girl and boyfriend left with the Korean guy to flag a cab for him. While walking to the main road, he kept talking to my friend asking her if she wants to have breakfast with him before going to another hotel to rest. I'm speechless guys. 

 When we hailed a cab for him, he said,"No you guys leave first" and we replied,"No, you are alone so you leave first. We can flag for a cab ourselves." 

He refused. 


Fine. We decided to take the cab to shake him off and asked the taxi driver to drive one round before driving back to the hotel. Boyfriend saw him getting on the cab behind us and while we were waiting to U-Turn, we saw his cab drove pass us. 

We were all like YAY, FINALLY! 

Returned back to the hotel, and boyfriend saw that THE KOREAN GUY ACTUALLY RETURNED BACK TO THE HOTEL?! He was a few seconds earlier than us because we went to buy beverages before heading back. Thank goodness he didn't saw us but you know what was his excuse to return back?

He rang the doorbell multiple of times and Hui Ling asked him what he wants?
He claimed that his wallet is not with him. 

Ok, such a big fat liar. 

If he didn't bring his wallet, how did he paid for his cab a while ago? And no cabs were waiting outside the hotel either. Sneaky fellow. Hui Ling were obviously pissed off and said in a very stern manner that his wallet is not anywhere in the hotel room. 

He replied," Oh... ok. then it's alright. Nothing important inside anyway" 

& finally left. 

How could a foreigner have NOTHING IMPORTANT inside his wallet? This Korean guy can win the desperate award already seriously. How can one guy be so desperate, pushy and cunning?! Bet all of ya'll reading this will be,"what on earth!?" Because trust me, we spent 5 hours and $4 cab fare to make him leave. 

Terrible terrible guy. Other than that, it was a happy night! :)
Here comes Monday and have a great day ahead!! 
Goodnight everyone~


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