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Wednesday, July 9, 2014 Real Food

Was really excited cause I've been wanting to try out Real Food after doing my research online about healthy / organic food.

I don't think I've mentioned on my blog about my fitness / health related stuffs. Well, the thing is - I've been exercising regularly (5-6 days a week) for a month and counting now + eating healthily. By that, it means no sweet and fizzy drinks. Super proud of myself for cutting that out of my daily intake. Less carbs, more vegetables, fruits and protein!

Also, drinking plenty of water and getting at least 8 hours of sleep.

Changing my body clock to normal is hard but I tried and succeeded after a few tries! I can feel that my body is changing in a good way. I fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed! Right... I'm getting really into this topic which is pretty out of this entry's topic already haha.

Button Shirt - H&M, Jeans - Cheap Monday, Boat Shoes - Lacoste 

One-piece romper - The Stage Walk, Heels - Charles & Keith

Headed down to the Real Food, Clarke Quay for lunch!

Lemonade for him!

Orange juice with add on Chia seeds for me.

Ordered Classic Greens for myself even though it was my cheat day (I allow myself to have one cheat day per week and I'm super strict with myself on this by the way) and I love it! Everything on the plate was fresh and affordable at the same time.

Wx isn't used to not having meat so he at least needs something fried. Thus, he ordered this fried wanton and I allowed myself to have one piece. Ended up eating two pieces cause it was so good!

Don't you just love the fact that it's filled with so many ingredients inside?

This guy gotta have his eggs every single day so he placed order for their Veggies Omelette. Can I just say that their eggs are done to perfection.

Sweet Potatoes

Wx was a little disappointed because he was expecting those deep fried potato wedges haha. I don't know if I should laugh or cry but it's a vegan / organic / healthy cafe. Why would they serve deep fried food, you silly!

Anyway, sweet potatoes are my favourite and I eat them for lunch at home if I'm too lazy to cook etc...

Messy hair don't care

This cafe also has lots of magazines for you to read and I can foresee myself coming here really often during the weekdays and maybe alone? I don't know, it freaks me out when it comes to dining alone. Somebody in Singapore gotta open a cafe for one person dine-in only.

If you are looking for good organic food and not burning a hole in your wallet at the same time, Real Food is the place to go! Many of my friends asked me the same question if organic food are expensive. I don't know about the other vegan / organic cafes (researching in process) but I feel that the prices here are really reasonable :)

 Real Food
6 Eu Tong Sen Street The Central 
#B1-52/53 Singapore 059817
Opening Hours: 10am - 8:30pm
Contact: +65 62244492

After lunch, Larissa brought us to SHM Cafe which is the same level as Real Food for some cakes in a jar!

Don't judge a book by its cover (just like I did for this case). Was pretty reluctant to try as their shop decor wasn't really pleasant looking. I'm not sure what kind of theme they was going for - it was pretty messy and poorly decorated. Since my boyfriend wanted to try, we bought one jar to try.

While waiting for our cakes!

Honestly, I can't remember what flavour is this (because I let the guy decide) but it was pretty good! I remembered the last time we had cake in a jar was at Grin's Affair and personally, I feel this was much nicer.

 SHM Cafe
The Central 6 Eu Tong Sen Street#B1-27C Singapore 059817
Opening Hours: 11AM to 9PM (Including public holidays)

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