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Monday, July 21, 2014 JB Trippin' (Part One)

Being in a new place is always inspiring and clearly, I am still very much in love with Johor Bahru. There are still so much more to explore - new cafés and chilling spots just seems like a great way to spend my weekend. Visited JB not too long ago and I had also blogged about it here and this time, I had brought some friends with me for a one day trip!

 Roost Juice + Bar Cafe
9 Jalan Dhoby, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia

I have heard so many amazing reviews about Roost Juice + Bar Café on the internet that I have to try it for myself and see if it is really any good. This café is located along Jalan Dhoby and fret not - it is extremely easy to find due to its rustic and vintage looking decor. Nice ambience does not mean good food. Sure, you can find many hipsters-looking cafe anywhere now (I refer to Singapore and Malaysia) but not all serves good food. Roost Café if you ask me? Oh boy, their Hainanese Beef Noodles and Chicken Chop is a must try. So worth the calories and let me share with you a secret, I only come here on my cheat day. 

The noodles are done to perfection and I have never taste anything like that in Singapore. Also, if you read my previous JB blog post here, their chicken chop taste better than IT Roo Cafe's. Connected to Roost Juice + Bar Café, you will spot an independent boutique called TGND (The Gal Next Door) and I pretty much fell in love with this little humble boutique. First of all, can we just take a minute to appreciate the statement spectacles decoration piece? Vintage clothing's and accessories can be found here and I hope to pick out something that screams one-of-a-kind when I return next time.

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