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Sunday, June 29, 2014 Montigo Resorts | Day Two

Woke up next to my boyfriend and to this sea view in the morning = b l i s s f u l ♡

Had a really good night sleep as the bed was so soft and pretty much got knocked out in less than a minute which was awesome! Apparently, the bed was too shiok for the guy and took me an hour to get him out of the bed. Goodness.

Got changed and off we go for breakfast buffet at TADD's!

Should have taken more pictures of the selection of food but I was so hungry :( Nonetheless, from what my brain cells can remember - There's pastries, cereals, roti prata, yogurt, fruits and eggs!

Straight after our breakfast, we quickly made our way to the pool area and look at it!? No second thoughts and I'm in the pool already :D

Also, I wish I had more time there! Should have book for 3D2N :( 

If that's the case, we would have spent a little longer time in the pool, chill at the cabana and sun tan. Oh well! 

Look what's constructing! Montigo Resorts is still slowly expanding and totally can't wait to see the end results. 

We reluctantly left the pool around 11:10am and I remembered the time so clearly cause I didn't want to leave and boyfriend had to drag me out of the pool. Haha. Still thought we had plenty of time and suddenly, I just realized we were only left with 50 minutes to bathe, pack our bags and make up (add-on for me) before checking-out.

Didn't even bother styling my hair and that means - a messy pony tail haha. 

After a smooth checkout, called for a cab to bring us to Nagoya mall and the first thing we wanted to do was to eat! You know how swimming makes you hungry all over again right? Did my research and here's the must try Ayam Penyet Ria!

All these costs only SGD$5+ which is rather a good deal I must say :)

Their chilli is DOPE! So spicy I can't even, the ratio for my chilli and rice was like 1:3 haha

Walked around the whole mall after our satisfying lunch and shopping is pretty boring there to be honest. They were selling almost the same thing. The highlight in Nagoya mall is the Hypermart. Right, other than the jaw dropping prices, I would just like to point out that if you're an OCD - You will LOVE shopping there.

Trust me. Everything is neatly arranged and I should have taken a picture but all bags have to be kept in their locker so ... no pictures. If you've been there before, you will know what I mean. Bagged home TRESemmé regular sized shampoo for only SGD$4+, VS Sassoon hair treatment for only SGD$6 - pure heaven for me and all Singaporeans. Hehe!

After we done with exploring and shopping, we still had an hour to kill so we were contemplating between A&W or J.CO and decided to go with the latter and no regrets!

When the boyfriend was queuing for drinks, I realized they actually sell doughnuts too and wondered if he's gonna buy them and he did!!! Put on a wide smile when I saw him coming out with boxes hahaha.


The pink one is good!

Look at his 'Oh, you caught me red handed face!'

Because I always nag at him for eating so much whipped cream. Haha.

Then, we took a cab to Harbour Bay Ferry terminal for $50,000 Rupiah (SGD$5) which was only 5 minutes away. This trip was a good one and I can't wait to be back! Since I couldn't afford to be away for that long, this 2D1N trip was a good short getaway.

Since it was a 2D1N trip - my plan was to stay in the resorts and utilize the facilities there instead of travelling to the shopping malls in the day and only able to check-in in the early evening which is quite waste of time, I feel. You can always make a trip down to the shopping malls after checking out and take a ferry back from the nearest ferry terminal like what we did. 

This way, you make your money for your stay worth. Maybe you can also do the same if you're intending to book a 2D1N trip at Montigo Resorts.


On a side note, I've decided to stop answering questions on (Well, I actually stopped answering three months ago but here's me officially announcing on my blog considering I still have people posting questions to my account). Reason being - due to my increased work load, I don't have time to check as frequent as before. Another minor issue would be people abusing the power of anonymity.

If you have any questions, you can leave me a comment on my blog entry and I'll answer them. Or, drop me an email at :)

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