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Tuesday, June 17, 2014 Half A Decade + How We Met?

It has been five years and I'm still very much in love with you.

A few months ago, I received a comment from an anonymous asking about how my boyfriend (Weixiong) and I met and I wanted to blog about it on a special occasion so here it is!

We first met in Secondary school when we were 13 years old and he was my classmate. So the first day of school, each and everyone of us had to briefly do a short introduction of ourselves. Everyone's introduction were like,"Hi, my name is so and so ....." which sounded so monotone and boring till I couldn't be bothered listening to.

Until it was his turn to speak, you can never believe what came out from his mouth.

"Sup, dude!' 
*with a peace sign and a cheeky smile*

Our form teacher couldn't understand what he was talking about so the whole class shouted 'Sup Dude' and she still couldn't understand. Thinking to myself - this boy is hilarious! He made me laugh and everyone else in the class too. A-ha! You people reading this might think our relationship started from a 'love at first sight'?

It was true....


He woo-ed me before but he was rejected as I only treated him as a good friend. A few months later, he became someone so irritating and it was just so annoying to talk to him. That's when I kept a distance from him and after a few arguments here and there, we became enemies. Arch enemies.

Stopped talking for three years and only started talking again thanks to my bestfriend - Sylvia. It was her birthday and she wanted someone to walk me over to her place as it was pretty late at night. So he got Weixiong to pick me up and trust me, it was so awkward!

Anyways, we managed to hit off quite well despite being enemies for three years. At that point of time, he definitely was a better person than before. Surprisingly, we have quite a lot of common interests! I also moved somewhere nearer to his estate and I was like a lost cat as everything was so new to me.

At the age of 16, I had no idea how to go to school via public transport. Don't blame me, I'm pretty bad at directions. I travel everywhere mostly either by Mrt or cab. Talk about bus? Ha - less than 10 times a year.

So, everyday he would wake up 15 minutes earlier than he would in the past, pick me up and head to school together. A few months later, I unknowingly fell in love with him and after a few "pushes" from our friends, he popped the question about asking me to be his girlfriend and I said 'Yes'!

From friends to enemies and back to friends and then lovers. 
I can't believe it myself either. 

Nonetheless, I'm glad I found you because you taught me so many important life values and your love for me is something that can't be bought with money. Opposite attracts - I think it's true. He's someone so independent at a very young age and me, being the only child in the family. I do get a little pampered from my family members and he taught me the importance of independence. 

Thank you for the lovely flowers. Can't stop smelling it! Ahhhh~
The scent of fresh flowers.

Happy 5th Anniversary.

Can't wait for our short getaway this week! 

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