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Friday, June 27, 2014 Montigo Resorts | Day One

I'm sure many of you have heard of Montigo Resorts before from your friends at some point or scrolling through your Instagram feeds to see pictures taken from Montigo Resorts plastered all over! Basically, this getaway was booked to celebrate my 5th Anniversary with my boyfriend and it was his school holidays too so... when's a better timing to leave Singapore, right? :)

Booked our ferry tickets a few days before the trip and thank goodness we booked our ferry timing at 10AM! The night before, I had a lot of errands and work to complete and only managed to call it a day around midnight and only packed all my necessities a few hours before leaving. Ended up with only one hour of sleep. To think I wanted to book our ferry timing at 8AM!

Ferry tickets were booked online via Batam Fast.

Lovely passport covers customized by me from The Heart Stuff!

It was my first time taking ferry from Singapore so was feeling excited and scared at the same time. When I say scared, it's because I have pretty bad motion sickness. Not only from ferry, but from cars too (It really depends on the driver's skills) and after boarding the ferry, I've realized I forgot to buy sweets just in case I felt giddy and nauseous but it was such a huge relief that it was a smooth ride. Phew!

Make up on that day was really minimal as I wanted it to look extra natural, giving that glowy look haha.

After 30 minutes, we are finally here in Batam!

Land transport was provided by Montigo Resorts and within 10 minutes or so, we are here in Montigo Resorts!

Upon reaching, there were people outside our van filming our arrival. Told myself, I shall look my best and come out of the van gracefully but guess what... was too eager to get out and accidentally knocked my head against the door!!! :(

It was so embarrassing but quickly acted like nothing happened. Haha oops.
Was served with a cold towel + iced ginger tea which was really refreshing, specially on a hot day!

Pretty surprised to see so many people at the lobby on a weekday morning and then I realized it was the June Holidays!

Tried our luck if we could check in earlier but to no avail as no villa were ready for us yet. It was around 11am in Indonesia and obviously we had a lot of time to spare considering the fact that check in time was at 3PM. So, we took a buggy and went over to TADD's for breakfast!

Honeydew juice for him and watermelon juice for me to quench our thirst which was refreshing :)

While waiting for our food, we were served with some generous complimentary bread which we both really appreciate cause we were starving like crazy.

Boyfriend ordered this indonesian dish which I can't remembered what it's called. As for me, I ordered their Mee Goreng and was quite shocked to see that the portion served was pretty big. Standard of food was alright, nothing fancy.

After our hearty breakfast, walked around the kids area!

Then, checked out the provision shop!

After which, we still had plenty of time so decided to walk around the resort under the crazy heat but happy to be under the heat. Before you think I'm crazy, it's better to be sunny than rainy right? Guess we were lucky, kept praying the night before for a good weather during our trip. Heh :)

Tried our luck again and returned back to the lobby to see if our villa was available because there was nothing else we can do anymore and it was only 1PM. To our surprise, one of the staff came up to us saying,"Hello, your room will be available in 20 minutes" I literally gave her the 'YES' face! Haha. 

Would just like to add on that their service is incredibly good, to maintain excellent service for a long period of time is definitely worth praising for. Everyone is so friendly there!

Shortly, a buggy came to pick us up and here's our villa 36! 

1st Level - Living Area + Pool
2nd Level - Common Bedroom + Master Bedroom
3rd Level - Rooftop

Here's the corridor on the second level :

And here's our master bedroom!

Toilet featuring a huge skylight window and it's really quite nice to have sun shining into your bathroom :)

Common bedroom which we didn't use. 

Personally, I like the common bedroom's toilet better because.... it is air conditioned! In the master bedroom's toilet, there seemed to be no air ventilation. 

Ready to see our gorgeous living area? 


Ta-da! You weren't expecting this, right?

Don't worry! It's not the housekeeper's fault. Well, here's what happened. After we dropped our bags in the bedroom, came down to the living room and boyfriend spotted a house spider on the wall.

He used an umbrella to brush it down and it disappeared very quickly and it jumps. Ha! That's when people get paranoid. People like ME gets paranoid because I absolutely hate spiders. But after a while, I gave up finding the spider and asked him to give up too because all I wanted to do was to jump right into our personal pool!

Then the macho man said,

"No! You better go to the balcony area or have a swim first. I'll settle it for you because my girlfriend is scared of spiders so I'll find the spider by hook or by crook so that you can enjoy your trip here."

Stood behind him and smiled but of course, I didn't leave him alone. Just assisted behind him! After 30 minutes, we finally found it and sprayed it with an insect repellant that we found in the villa's wardrobe and it was dead. Thank goodness!

Also, don't worry we re-arranged the furnitures back to how it was after that.

Finally, our personal pool! :D

Such a beautiful sunny day isn't it! :)

My personal swim guard haha

Love the blue skies!

It was quite an intense workout because we were really swimming! In the span of two hours, we had breathing contest in the pool. See who can swim the fastest and challenging each other in all sort of ways.

Anyway, we decided to wash up and put on our workout clothes and hit the gym! But guess what..... the gym was under maintenance for a couple of days and I was quite disappointed. Later that night, we then saw a note on the coffee table in the living area stating that the gym was closed but guess we were too excited about the pool till we overlooked it haha.

Rested for a while and went up to the rooftop for the sunset!

Enjoyed the moment of watching the sunset before we leave our villa for dinner at Pantai Restaurant which was only less than 5 minutes walk from our villa.

Boyfriend gotta have his omelette in every country, what's new!

Also opted for the outdoor seating area cause I thought it would be more romantic that way and what's not to love about the ambience and the view overlooking the sea :) 

Food was good! 

Much better than the ones at TADD's in my opinion. For dinner, total bill came up to less than SGD$50 which is considered affordable. Returned back to our villa and simply chilled at the pool (again!) and then chilled in our bathtub. 

After washing up - when we wanted to call it a day and head to bed. 

I looked out at the window and told the boy,"The stars are out!!! Let's go to the rooftop!" Because this boy.... he wanted to stargaze so badly and there wasn't much stars earlier on so he was rather disappointed haha. 

Chilled at the rooftop for an hour and spotted the Orion. It was romantic, fun and a little geeky at the same time. When I say geeky is because we got too into it and looking all serious talking about science. Erm, just to let you know my CCA in secondary school was science club so I do have a little knowledge about the stars. #funfactaboutsera

Will continue DAY 2 in the next entry! 

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