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Wednesday, October 30, 2013 Welcome Back

For the past 3 weeks, I thought I could spend some alone time when my boyfriend isn't around but I was so wrong! There wasn't enough alone time for myself!? In fact, I was busier than before. Tell me where's the logic. Nonetheless, I'm so glad that it's over now and we made it! :)

Top - Topshop | Shorts - Personal Piece | Accessories - Personal Piece | Bag - Personal Piece

I'm in love with this pair of Paisley Scrunched High Waist Shorts! Unfortunately, there wasn't enough stocks on the factory's side. Thus, I was unable to bring this in to Infinite Pixie! I've also received emails and comments about the Celine Inspired Trapeze Bag, this will soon be available on


Welcome back! 

Not the nicest picture but I was just very happy and excited to head out for our first date. Also, silly boyfriend hurt his nose while we were playing hide and seek. (We are aware that we are no longer kids but ..... don't mind us haha!)

Went on our first date after 3 weeks! 

Mos Burger's Corn Soup DA BEST! :)

Their new promo set's burger that he ordered and we shared cause we got a lil' hungry! :D

Headed to Lau Pa Sat for dinner with Bert & Lari to find out that it was closed for renovation. Damn. So we settled for some roadside dinner which I was quite happy surprisingly! It certainly felt like I wasn't in Singapore for a moment. 


I got so full that I didn't wanna leave and continued sitting down because I got tired. Haha! Nonetheless, we went over to Nex for movieeeeeeee! But first - Sogurt time!

We caught the Escape Plan and it was soooooooo good! Ya'll really have to watch if you haven't already! :D

The next day..... 

Boyfriend & I went over to my grandparent's house for dinner! It was also raining the whole day and I couldn't wait to pick out one of my favourite sweater from my wardrobe and here's my #ootd haha. (Boyfriend even add on: We are just heading over to your grandparents house for dinner, my dear) But.... whatever! 


Feeling so pink that day as I wore my pink glitter plimsolls from H&M too which is hmmm pretty rare that I will dress up in pink from head to toe.

Will be visiting USS halloween this coming Saturday! Excitedddddd :D

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