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Saturday, October 5, 2013 Girlfriends // Family Love

This is quite an overdue post! 

Met Wiji & Lari last weekend for dinner and shopping! :)

Jumper - Forever 21 | Cardigan - Infinite Pixie | Bag - Personal Piece 

If you would like to get hold of the cardigan I'm wearing above, it's the best time to order now! Infinite Pixie is having a 20% OFF all spree items which includes accessories / apparels / shoes / bags. This promotion is valid till 8th October 2013, 11.30PM (GMT+8) so act fast! :) 

Also, do let me know if you would like me to bring in the Celine Inspired Trapeze lookalike bag into Infinite Pixie? If yes, let me know in my here or drop me an email at The material is really made of good quality and the workmanship is good too, love it a lot! 

Had our quick dinner fix at Pepper Lunch with Wiji :) 
(Larissa was late!)

An unglam picture of me eating haha + we were starving!! 

No pictures of Larissa cause we went shopping after dinner (no time to take pictures hehe) but if you read my previous blog posts, you should know who she is. Both of them are Infinite Pixie supporters. As you can tell from the picture above, Wiji is wearing the Anchor Weaved Bracelet + spot her MBMJ phone case haha. 

My new bag which I'm super in love with, you'll see me carrying this bag very often! :) 

Last weekend - Met my cousin and her friends to discuss her upcoming wedding's preparations! For the first time in my life, I'm going to be a bridesmaid! Soooooo excited!!?!?! Very happy for her as well! :') 

Chilled at TCC and ordered a Cappuccino cake which is super duper good! Ya'll should try this if you have not. The ice cream and the small crunchy bits... the whipped cream ahhhhhh~ I'm craving for this already haha. 

After the meeting was over, rushed over to meet my Mr Lee! It was his dad's birthday so we wrote a birthday card for Papa Lee. 


I also kept the Oriental Floral Babydoll Dress in yellow and it's still available here: *coughs coughs coughs* Key in 'TAKE20' for exclusive 20% OFF! Available till 8th October 2013, 11.30PM (GMT+8) only. 

Papa Lee's birthday cake! 

Am glad that the cake + birthday card made him so happy! Chilled around for a while before we went for family's dinner to celebrate his birthday :) 

Last Sunday... decided to cook Salmon Pasta for family again. I know.... you must be wondering why am I always cooking the same old dish. Haha. Cause you see.. I'm not a huge expert in cooking but am learning new recipes. Gonna bake lemon cupcakes later! If it's a success, I'll blog and share my recipe with ya'll! 

That was basically what happened last weekend! :) 

A few minutes ago, I was feeling so light headed, again. Not sure if I'm facing the laptop screen for too long or what? But i'm wondering if I'm seriously getting old? In the past, I could use my laptop for the whole day and night but now.... I get kinda giddy when I use them for a few hours only. This is kinda bad because my job requires me to face the laptop screen for long hours. Sigh. 

Anyway, keep a lookout for my next post! I've a new vlog coming up. 
In the meantime, enjoy your weekend everyone! 

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