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Sunday, October 13, 2013 Last date // Goodbye Love

This post is wayyyyy overdue!
Nonetheless, I'm happy that I finally have time to blog :)

Dress - Infinite Pixie | Bag - Zara | Watch - Naked Glory | Hat - Personal Piece

On 30th September (Monday) - Brought boyfriend to Blisshouse Theme Restaurant as I bought the coupons from Groupon a couple weeks back for our last date before he leave Singapore. Wasn't putting much hope and expectations on this restaurant because I've read mixed reviews about it. Nonetheless, we decided to try it out! :)

The coupon included 1 drink , 1 soup of the day and 1 main dish for one person. We both ordered tea but the tea wasn't even hot and he was quite unsatisfied about that. It was pretty fine for me because I don't take hot drinks. 

Next up - Pumpkin Soup! We can't really give a verdict for this because we've never tasted pumpkin soup before and wasn't sure how it's supposed to taste like... but we didn't like it :( 


I major love creamy pastas so it's seems like I'd always try carbonara from different restaurants and till date, I have yet to find my favourite one! Anyway, wasn't quite pleased with theirs because the spaghetti wasn't even 100% cooked. I'd probably enjoy my meal even more if the spaghetti was fully cooked! Quite a letdown :(

Zara Inspired Jewel Sandals from

Also, I felt kinda awkward dining there because the atmosphere and ambience was just weird to be honest. After I was done with my meal, walked around and snapped some pictures! :)

I must say that the whole decoration of the restaurant is really pretty but I most probably will not return to this restaurant in the near future, unfortunately. But! Like what my boyfriend said - Try it once at the very least to experience it yourself :)

6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-21 , Central Singapore 059817
 Monday - Friday: 12pm to 3pm | Saturday - Sunday: 12pm to 11pm

On 2nd Oct - We didn't sleep cause we are such night owls haha. Left house pretty early to the airport as I live in the west. It's pretty much one end to another end. 

Ya Kun for breakfast!! :)

Iced Coffee!

My favourite kind of eggs ;) 

Mee Siam for me and Mee Rebus for him! 

& it was time to send him off :'( 

Today's already the 13th Oct so exactly 13 more days to go before he comes back! :)

Ending this blog post with a vlog!

For the next 2 weeks, it's going to be crazy as usual. Fighting this battle alone. 

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