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Saturday, October 5, 2013 Don't Keep Me In Suspense

I adore love songs. Especially if it's an original song from someone who does cover and stuffs on their YouTube channel. I've been a fan of Tyler Ward for a few years now and this is his recent original song. Listen! I fell in love with this song immediately :)


Can't wait for it to be fully released so I can purchase his new original song called "Slo-Mo".

So come on baby. Let's take a slow ride to living a good life. Don't say maybe. We'll take our time. Talking in the dark until we see the sunlight. Boy we have a spark so let's go. Underneath the stars, drinking up the moonlight. Taking our time. Living is slow motion. So pack your bags for a getaway. We take a trip back to our hideaway. Keep it old fashioned on this modern day So can we live it in slow motion.

Happy Saturday everyone! 
Gonna send invoices and meet my girlfriends in a while for dinner + dessert + sleepover!

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