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Wednesday, January 16, 2013 Sylvia's 20th Birthday

Last Saturday (12th January 2013), got myself prepared for bestfriend's birthday dinner which i organized. A week before her birthday, i hunt down ALL her friends from her Facebook and get in contact with them, hoping they are all able to make it for the birthday dinner. Sadly, a number of friends were not able to turn up! But am glad that she appreciated it :) 

So decided to camwhore with my eyes closed (Oh, didn't you know it's the latest trend?) Haha! Right... just kidding! Are you surprised? I actually brought my dslr out! Poor camera, you've been living in your box for far too long. 

Her birthday gift from Boyfriend & I 

Asked Sylvia what she wanted to eat for her 20th birthday and she said she wanted to try Pepperoni Pizzeria. So i informed everyone that she wants to celebrate her birthday dinner there. But the moment she asked if it was only boyfriend & i are going to turn up, we can change venue. And i was like,"NO! WE ARE HAVING PEPPERONI FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY. FINAL DECISION" Haha. She must have thought,"What an unreasonable bestfriend i have. Don't i call the shots since i'm the birthday girl?"

Pretty girl! 

Invited her sister along as well! :) 

And her lovely friends who were able to turn up! :)

Shortly, the food were served! 

Some mushroom dish and i would say that i love it! It gives out a very strong mushroom flavour and i believe it's either one will like it or hate it. My boyfriend hates it though! :P

Not sure what's this as Sylvia ordered it but in it, it's full of cheese 

Had cravings for Carbonara and boyfriend was super against of me ordering it. Tsk... 

Didn't took much pictures of the rest of the pizzas but i did posted one in the previous entry though!

Panna Cotta! 

I must say that I LOVE IT! 
Tried one while i was in Bangkok and it taste really bad so was kinda skeptical to try theirs but it's really good! :) 

Handed the birthday gift to her and am really glad that she loves it! 

If you're reading this, please don't lose this necklace ok??? :( :( :( Decided to get a necklace for her birthday because she lost her necklace which she would wear everyday but lost it quite a few months ago and it has star on it! How can you not think of Sylvia when you see stars? She's a star lover! Hehe. 

And verdict time! 

Yes, i would visit Pepperoni again cause they have a few dishes which boyfriend & i really love! And the bill came up to only SGD$210 which is a really good deal because we ordered: 

- Five 12" Pizzas
- One Carbonara 
- 3 Other Dishes 
- One Panna Cotta
- One Tiramisu  

Splited the bill among 7 people (Excluding the birthday girl) and each person only have to pay SGD$30 to share a bit of everything and everyone was full. Really good deal as well! 

Headed over to zouk to celebrate her birthday and yups, that's how we ended her birthday celebration! Hope you had a good one chummy! <3 I love you. 

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