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Thursday, January 3, 2013 Bangkok Day 2 & 3

You may read Bangkok Day 1 post here! 


Woke up early the next day and head to Platinum mall straight and shopped the whole morning and afternoon. Till, our legs were aching and decided to pop by Swensens for some tea break! No pictures of us shopping cause we were fighting with time. Haha.

Shopped even more after resting and went back to our hotel to drop all the hauls. Showered and took a boat to Asiatique! You can skip the shuttle boat if you want because we waited quite long and it's 30 minutes interval. You can choose to take cab straight to Asiatique if you wish to but we took the shuttle boat anyway for experience. 

Food there is on the pricey side but we managed to find this restaurant (Can't remember the name sorry but you can use the pictures below as a rough guide! They serve italian food and it's really cheap among all the other restaurants at Asiatique. Am not sure if there's anywhere selling food at a cheaper price as it was crowded and this restaurant had vacant tables and decided to just try! 

Food was mediocre except for their mash potato and pizza which my friends & i enjoyed the most! Shopping there was alright for me, only walked out of Asiatique with 1 item as seen below. It's a lion canvas tote bag! In my opinion, i will not return to Asiatique again as i find it quite waste of time as obviously is a tourist spot. If you have never been before, you can try visiting at least once! 

In case of you're a fan of Naraya, they have it in Asiatique too! My friend - Larissa is a big fan of their bags but i just cannot stand their designs. Oops! 

Left the place and decided to walk around their late night street market. 
Guess what our boyfriends bought for us!!!! Philbert and Weixiong bought these for the both of us. Crazyyyyyy right! 

Went back to our hotel room and snack on MAMA's instant noodles // CP Shrimp Wanton // CP Pizza etc... while the tv was actually playing how families in Indonesia or wherever slaughter snakes and cook them. We are pretty gross huh! Haha. 

Here are some of the loots that i bought during Day 1 & Day 2! :)

After taking these loots pictures, it was already 4am (Bangkok time!) and in my mind was like...."What?! So late already?!" and quickly snuggled up with my bf in bed and dozed off immediately. The bed was really comfortable by the way! 


A brand new morning and we woke up late!! Day 3 was mainly shopping at departmental stores such as high end brands and shopping for bras/undiez etc... for Chinese New Year.

Only planned to shop at Central world for only 2-3 hours but we took 4-5 hours there! Nooooooo~ Grabbed some gifts for friends and myself before moving on to Siam Discovery which was honestly boring. Moved on to Siam Centre and did a mini shopping there before we moved to our PLANNED dinner at Somboon Seafood. We took a tuk tuk and guess where did he brought us to? 

Somboondee Seafood. 


The moment we reached there, my friend was like,"This isn't the place we planned to go. Somboon Seafood is more grand and doesn't look one bit like this." The place was quite rundown and all i see was foreigners. Since we were there, we decided to just order something since we were all hungry! BUT... we played it smart. The food can't be anywhere better since it was all filled with foreigners and trust me, the restaurant's not crowded at all. 

We ordered one big bowl of rice, tom yum soup and some chicken with sweet sauce. That's all cause we didn't know if the food was good or not. Surprisingly, it turns out to be alright but we were all angry. 

After eating, we asked for bill and guess what! A large bowl of rice cost us 200Baht = SGD$8. In our mind, we didn't know if we should be angry or find it ridiculously funny. I even made a sarcastic remark that their rice are made of gold. 

Please read: 
If you're ever ever ever dining at Somboondee Seafood, do not order any dishes from their menu that do not state their prices. Thank goodness, the other 2 dishes we ordered had prices stated on their menu. Otherwise, they will take their chance to charge us at a super ridiculous amount. But if you can, do not even patronize them. 

Tuk tuk / taxi drivers who brings customers there earns a commission from them. You can read more reviews here by other international customers who encountered the same incident as we did here:

This is the real deal - Somboon Seafood 

If you would like to try their food, best is to head over to their website and find out about the branches they have. They only have 5 branches in Bangkok and never ever take tuk tuk to bring you there. Don't even try taxis too because 80%, will end up bringing you to Somboondee Seafood anyway. So best is to find out which branches is nearer to you and look at their location map, take a train and head there will be the best solution. 

I will return to Bangkok again and this time, i will make it to Somboon Seafood. My friend never fails to visit them each time he returns and by checking out their reviews, i can't wait to try out myself too! So if anyone of you reading this space is visiting bangkok and wish to try some seafood, try Somboon Seafood k! 

Returned back to our hotel early to pack our luggage and heading out to the stalls nearby our hotel for some late supper! And am in love with this Phad thai that's only next to the 711 near our hotel! Very good and cheap, it cost only 20Baht = SGD$0.80! 

Eggs that cost 20Baht = SGD$0.80 too which my boyfriend and Larissa are in love with it. They are such egg lovers hahahaha. Fanatic over eggs. Had our last massage in Bangkok before returning back to the hotel for some sleep and that's about it for Day 2 & Day 3! Will be doing a mini guide for Bangkok + Bangkok Day 4 in the upcoming post to share with everyone where to go and what to look out for etc... :)

*Just in case you think that Larissa's boyfriend and my boyfriend did bought us the balloons. It wasn't real. We just borrowed the balloons and took a picture together. How i wish it's ours! Haha.

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