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Saturday, February 2, 2013 X

Such a sucker for cross earrings.. just can't stop buying them 

Then, i came across such beautiful gems rings that changes colour against sunlight. TOO PRETTY. Can't wait to wear them for special occasions such as CNY. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

Preloved bags, some are brand new! 
You can click the PRELOVED link above to view all items, or simply click the link below:

Drip nails which i DIY-ED! Meh. 
It looks like a shitty blue after the effects which i chose but in real life, is lilac. 


What i wore on Friday! (Which is yesterday lol)

Self shot while waiting for bf #bored 

And that's about it for the whole week! Why is my life so boring during weekdays ESPECIALLY. Grrrr. Anyway, can't wait for tomorrow night! Finally gotta hit the beach and enjoy some chillax cold night breeze with boyfriend. At the same time, to celebrate friend's 20th birthday! :) 

Have a good weekend all! 


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