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Tuesday, January 8, 2013 Bangkok Day 4 + A Mini Guide For BKK

You may view Bangkok Day 1 here and Bangkok Day 2 & Day 3 here


Booooo~ It's the last day in Bangkok and thank goodness our flight was at 9PM+ so we still had about half a day to do our last minute shopping and the thing was... we woke up the latest on the last day like around 11am? Almost killed myself k. Did more last minute packing of luggage, placed them at the lobby and here are some pictures before we checked out :(

As i didn't shopped a lot during Day 3, i saved all the money for Day 4 whereby i can shop as fast and as much as i can at Platinum mall while the guys visited Terminal 21. It was quite a challenge. Like there wasn't time for you to be fickle. It's whether you like it or not... SNAP! Pay and visit the next shop and the cycle repeats. So i grabbed back quite a number of items and am still left with quite an amount so decided to just spend some at DFS instead heh :)

Had our late lunch / early dinner at this eating place near our hotel and it's amazingly good! Took a photo of the shop with my boyfriend's phone but unfortunately, he lost all his photos in his phone!!! We did brought our fisheye film camera along and hopefully we did take a picture of the shop. Just would like to say that we all love their beef noodle! Cheap like.... 20baht = SGD$0.80 only! 

Some random photo of a tribal high waist shorts which i bought from Siam Centre. Some push cart stalls for about 350baht = SGD$14? Quite expensive but love it! :D

Returned back to our hotel to do some last minute packing at the lobby (Unglam max haha) and off we go to take the transit train back to airport! :( Dinner at the airport before we boarded our plane. Sigh.

Phad thai for Philbert!

Larissa and I had a bowl of Tom yam noodle each and it was pretty good! 

Boyfriend forever want italian food hahaha

Had time for some DFS shopping and got these 2 babies for my Christmas presents! 

Read a lot of reviews about YSL lipsticks and most of them are bad reviews which was the reason why i was kinda skeptical to purchase them. However, everyone have different opinions on things so decided to just buy ONE and judge for myself & I LOVE IT!! It's super moisturizing and stays on my lips pretty long. Need to touch up after a while and i'm not extremely picky about that so really don't mind! 

And a Swarovski pen! Which i suppose is some Christmas edition since the hello kitty charm explains all. Wanted to get a plain pink one but to no available so decided to get this instead! :) 

And boarded the plane...... 
Made love window seat specially at night, not in the day! Weird i know but i really hate the sunlight entering and night time is so much comfortable for me. 

And back home to Singapore! 


While the guys did their alcohol shopping, Larrissa and I played with this moustache electrical thing! Reminds me of Mr Bean haha 

Mmmhmm! There goes my 4D3N spent in Bangkok. Overall, it was a wonderful experience!! It was my first time leaving Singapore with friends & boyfriend without my parents so this trip definitely means something to me. A good year end trip that i can just have fun with my loved ones without worrying about anything!  Now that i'm back, can't wait for my next trip in March with my mom for some furnitures shopping for the new home and a mini work trip for me as well! And of course, work even harder as it seems like i have more motivation for Infinitepixie already! :) 


(For the young/shopaholics and according to what i know best or experiences) 

Unless you're really loaded, i would advise you to save the money from your airlines and get a budget airline. I'm honestly fine with tiger but ever since i took Jetstar, i love Jetstar even more now! Prices for air ticket changes everyday so to be sure to check on the following airlines: Jetstar / Tiger Airways / Scoot and compare the prices. Tickets shouldn't cost more than $400 during non peak period and tickets shouldn't cost more than $500 during peak period. In my opinion, i don't think there's a need to take SIA to such a nearby country, the flight only takes 2 and half hours by the way. 

1. Ecotel Bangkok - SGD$50+
1091/333-4 New Petchburi Road 35,, Makkasan, Rajthevee, Bangkok 10320, Thailand

2. Metz Pratunam Hotel - SGD$50+
39/22-23 Phethburi Road | Soi 15 RatchathewiBangkok 10400Thailand

3. Budacco - SGD$60+
122/44 Rajchaprarop Road, Khweng Thanon-Phayathai, Khet Rajchathewi, Bangkok 10400

4. Citin Pratunam - SGD$70+
88/19 Ratchaprarop Road Phayathai, Ratchathewi Bangkok 10400, Thailand

5. Glow Pratunam - SGD$80+
919 Petchburi Road, Kwang Thanon Phayathai, Rajdhevi Bangkok 10400

6. Baiyoke Sky Hotel - SGD$80+
222 Soi Ratchaprarop 3, Rathaprarop Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok Thailand 10400

Thanks to the new Airport Rail Link, you don't have to waste money on cab fares from Airport to the city! They have the express train and non express. Express line direct you to either Makkasan or Phaya Thai station for 90baht (One way) Duration is about 15 minutes+! The non express train stops at every station and cost between 15 to 45baht depending on the number of stops. You'll definitely save a lot of time (in case of any jams) and money. 

Bangkok have two different train lines. One is called BTS Skytrain and second one is called MRT. So please note that when travelling. If there's any question, you can always ask the staff at the train station. They are generally very friendly! If you're intending to stay at Bangkok for more 4 days or if you'll be taking a lot of trains under transport, get their ez-link card as you'll be able to save more money. Same logic in Singapore :) 

What's Bangkok without Tuk Tuk right? Hop on one and experience it yourself! However, they don't run by meter, so you'll have to haggle a price with the tuk tuk driver. Depending on the destination, haggle accordingly to your budget. If the tuk tuk don't wish to, find for another tuk tuk, easy! Keep your belongings/bags close to you, don't leave it next to you as you have to keep a lookout for any incoming motorist that might just snatch your bag away. For taxis, always ask by meter but play it smart. If you know that the road is gonna be jammed, haggle a price with him instead of meter but anyway, their meter jumps pretty slowly. So whichever suits you! 

- Platinum Mall 
Opens from 10AM to 10PM+ but most stalls close in the evening

First building (The one next to Swensens) cater to women fashion. 1st - 3rd level is all for women. 4th level is a mixture of men and women fashion. 5th level is the food court and some random shops like household knick knacks / accessories / kids /  women fashion, yet again haha. So poor thing for the guys! 

Second building (The one next to Macdonalds) cater to women fashion too but it's much smaller compared to the first building. First few levels sell apparels, 3rd-5th level is all for bags/shoes if i am not wrong! Please note that platinum mall is a wholesale mall. You may choose to buy 1 piece off from a shop but it will be more expensive. Hardly, you'll be able to ask for a discount as they charge by wholesale price. Happy shopping there, it's a paradise for all ladies! 

- Chatuchak / JJ Weekend Market 
Only opens on weekends and from 9am to late evening 

Smack on some sunblock, grab your shades or cap if needed! There are food stalls along the road to eat if you're hungry. Coconut juice to quench your thirst and do try their coconut ice cream too! Learn how to haggle prices with them. From a stall owner's body language, you're able to tell if the item(s) can be discounted any further. For example, if a bag cost 400baht = SGD$16 and you ask 200baht = SGD$8 but he/she rejects, then slowly work your way up like 220baht > 240 baht etc... till both party agree! Be persistent to a certain limit. If you see the stall owner, is really struggling to say no, then it most probably shows that they can't give you discount any further.

- Maeklong Railway/Train Market
Which is also known as Talad Rom Hoop in Thai 

It's a street market which caters to the local. I am not sure about this place as i only heard about it but will visit this place when i return to Bangkok again. So for more information, you can read it via Tripadvisor:

- Terminal 21
Opens from 10am to 10pm

Interesting shopping mall which has different countries vibe at different levels. Such as 1st floor is Tokyo, 2nd floor is London etc... worth a visit! Wanted to visit this place but due to time constraint, only the guys managed to make it there while the girls shopped at Platinum mall and according from them, they claimed that we girls would love it! Women fashion apparels there are very trendy but it's slightly more expensive than Platinum mall. There's cinema and supermarket in the mall as well. Restaurants like Pepper lunch / Swensens / Secret Recipe can be found in the mall too! 

- Union Mall 
Opens from 10pm to 11pm 

They cater to women fashion as well but it's slightly smaller. It's not a wholesale mall and if i am not wrong, 3rd level has hair salons and nails salon etc... so if you have the time to spare! Pamper yourself :) 

- Central World / Siam Discovery / Siam Paragon
Both shopping malls is very near and they have international high end brands there. So worth checking out if you intend to buy something from the boutique. If your trip to Bangkok is just for cheap thrills, you can totally skip these places and save the time. Central world is more interesting than Siam Discovery in my opinion... they have cinema / supermarket there. International brands such as Zara / Uniqlo / Forever 21 / H&M Aldo etc... but i've checked them out and prices are somewhat the same as Singapore. Even their sales items! 

- MBK 
Nothing interesting there unless you wish to get phone accessories etc... they have stalls that sells fake brands like Fred Perry / Ralph Lauren etc... too so yeah. 

That's about it for the mini guide and hope the following information helps! Not sure about their nightlife as i've not visited their night life (except when i was young but can't remember lol) but from what i heard, Khao san is a must visit place! So if you intend to go that area, remember to do your homework online before you go! :) 

Go for a foot massage or something at the end of each night. They usually open till late like 2-3am+! Explore the street market if you wish to. Oh! Like Chinatown, you'll find a lot of food there. Shark fins / Bird nest / Seafood etc... 


Just came back from Bangkok 2 weeks ago, and my boyfriend is telling me how much he wants to go back again. So do I! So i believe our next trip together has got to be end of 2013 when he finally ORD and gain his annual block leave first. Can't wait!! Hopefully we are able to travel to nearby places in the middle of 2013 or something. 

If there's any questions, feel free to formspring me at: 

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