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Sunday, May 18, 2014 Weekend Summary

Every Monday, I'm always counting down to the weekends cause those are the days when I don't have to think about work and able to spend quality time with my loved ones. Be it family / boyfriend / friends!

Aylna Striped Knit Top - Infinite Pixie,  Black Skater Skirt - Bugis Street

Major love for Aylna Striped Knit Top because it is one of the best quality knitwear in my wardrobe! You know how certain knit material causes itchiness? Well, this doesn't and it's so soft and comfortable to wear. 

We didn't want to travel to town cause we are pretty lazy this weekend. So, we headed down to The Star Vista for Porn's Sexy Thai Food! We reached around late evening and it was already packed with a lot of people but got seated very shortly :) 

Fish Tom Yum Clear Soup Base (SGD$10.90) which was rather good! Ingredients in the soup was served pretty generously too.

Prawn Egg Omelette (SGD$7.90), We both love this so much! To be honest, I'll never order egg omelette outside because I can cook them myself at home with whatever ingredients I want. You know how parents would always say,"Never order egg omelette outside because it's not worth it" but for Porn's egg omelette, I have to say it's pretty good and the fragrant.... ahhhh bliss.

Seafood Fried Rice (SGD$10.90), boyfriend ordered this for his main dish and it was nothing spectacular.

Pad Thai (SGD$9.50), I don't mind going back to Porn's for that Pad Thai. Was having low expectations for this dish due to my bad experience dining at Bangkok Jam last year but this is yummy!

Flame Grilled Pork With Homemade Dip (SGD$9.50), don't really like the taste or texture of the pork but boyfriend loved it so.... Just thought that there wasn't anything special.

 Porn's | The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-09 Singapore 138617 
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday - 11am to 10pm 
Contact: +65 66943501

Moving on to Saturday!

Woke up early to run a few errands and accompanied the boy for his appointment at a hair salon. 

Slouchy Knitted Cardigan - Infinite Pixie, Pastel Chiffon Camisole - Bangkok, Shredded Shorts - Forever 21, Assorted Weaved Statement Necklace - Infinite Pixie

Settled down for dinner at Osaka Ohsho, Westgate!

Prawn Mayonnaise (SGD$7.90)

Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (SGD$9.90), this dish is amazing.  Was recommended by the friendly waitress and she said that the eggs are soft and fluffy and it's true! The sauce weren't salty too so it's great. Basically, inside it's filled with rice and chicken.

Boyfriend ordered the Salmon Side Yaki Set (SGD$15.90) which was affordable as it comes with rice, Salmon, Gyoza and Soup! Signature dish is their Gyoza and we both loved it! Ordered additional 6 pieces Gyoza (SGD$3.90) to share and it's really affordable. 

 Osaka Ohsho | Westgate
3 Gateway Drive #03-09 Singapore 608532
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday - 11:30am to 10pm
 Contact: +65 64659383

Looks like someone was having a sweet tooth moment after dinner so we headed to Gelato for a single scoop of ice cream! They are having a 1-1 single scoop ice cream promotion so I picked Candy Floss and Wei Xiong picked Chocolate Oreo. 

Ended our night by catching a movie - Godzilla! Gosh, it has been a long time since we head out for a movie. As i'm typing, it's already Sunday night and am waiting for my dinner. Today's weather has been lovely with many hours of rain but I'm feeling so ill at the moment. Hoping I can recover fast to face another week of never ending work till Friday before it's the start of the weekends again!

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