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Sunday, March 23, 2014 Wei Xiong's 21st

So, the boy finally turned 21 a few weeks back but didn't wanted anything fancy or over the top but I felt that there's a need to be a little bit fancy than the usual normal birthday dinners and here's what I've planned!

Dragged ourselves out of the bed to run some early errands and the only thing that can make this guy completed distracted is Gundam. 

Shall put that aside and treated him a birthday lunch at Mahattan Fish Market!

The first surprise for him was a staycation at Studio M as I remembered him telling me that he really liked the loft styles so I booked the Premier Loft for a night.

After we were done unpacking, we left all our gadgets in the room and went out to spend some quality time together at the pool & jacuzzi till evening which was really lovely.

Came back and started blowing balloons....

Ta-da! What's a birthday party without balloons, right?

Freshen ourselves up before leaving to the next surprise - which was gathering all of our friends at Pepperoni Pizzeria before bringing him over. As the restaurant only allowed two hours for our table, was relieved to hear that our friends had already ordered the dishes for everyone! 

By the time we were seated, the food was ready to be served which was perfect for the birthday boy :)

Peperoni Pizzeria 
56 Zion Road Singapore 247781 

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays: 12pm to 10.30pm
Sundays: 11am to 10.30pm 

+65 6732 3253

Brought everyone to our loft and simply caught up with one another. When the birthday boy decides to head out to buy some drinks, we quickly set up his birthday cake and his presents given by his friends. This was his third surprise by the way. 

Customized a sleek looking cake and he was extra confident that it was a rainbow cake!

By the way, if you are wondering where I purchased the cake, it's from Flourish and you may check out their Facebook page here: 

Thanks to my mom's recommendation and I really like their service! Enquiries were answered promptly and cake was delivered to me on time too.

So the birthday boy came back ...

and indeed he was speechless by the cake and the presents!

Customized a salted caramel cake for him as that's his favourite!

The last surprise for him was actually his birthday present that I got for him - Chanel Egoiste Cologne which smells so good and I know that he's going to love it instantly. Fair enough - he loves it! Anyway, friends left and we ended the night by cuddling in bed and watching the television before falling asleep. The bed was so soft that we fell asleep pretty quickly.

Glad to hear that you've enjoyed your birthday celebration which made all the planning done beforehand so worthwhile. Once again, happy 21st bam! ♡

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