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Tuesday, February 11, 2014 CNY 2014


My dearest grandparents came over to our place for a mini reunion dinner :)

Boyfriend had to eat a little before rushing over to his family's for his reunion dinner and few hours later, I met up with the boy again that night to River Hongbao! It is our own tradition to head there on CNY Eve, for their food, decorations and fireworks!!

Our little tradition would be ordering all of our favourite food / snacks and bring them all up to the seats which are open to the public and by the time we are done eating, we are all ready to countdown to CNY! :)

Dragon's beard candy! (This is my ultimate favourite) + Muah Chee! 

Our favourite! He placed order for the Crispy Chicken or something like that and it was delicious! Mmmmmmmm~

Next year, I would try these BBQ squid! 
This stall had the longest queue amongst the rest of the stalls and it smelled seriously good! 

I was taking video of the fireworks all the while so only... 1 picture of it haha

Next part would be going down to the floating platform to view all the decorations and reading your chinese zodiac! Call me superstitious but I love reading them.

CNY Day 1

My face looked horribly bloated that morning and we were so tired from last night :( 

Oh and by the way, boyfriend weren't wearing black jeans (because he is superstitious as well), it's actually denim blue. Good job for keeping my grandparent's happy! He finally got to meet the rest of my maternal's side of the family for a proper CNY visiting :)

Lou Hei!!! 
This is my favourite part of CNY as I love Yusheng! A Teochew-style raw fish salad ♡

Spent some quality time with the families before heading over to boyfriend's family for visiting. Basically, it feels like my second home and I had a good time watching tv, eating all the CNY snacks.

It turned night very quickly and his mother suggested Indian cuisine for dinner so we ended up in some restaurant at Little India! :)


CNY Day 2

This playsuit can be found here: and seriously, it's super comfy as it's made up of smooth chiffon. Because of the lightweight material, it's a breeze for CNY visiting under the hot weather. 

Them, another CNY visiting at his Aunt's place! 

Their Yusheng is the champion! Firstly, all the shredded vegetables or ingredients are fresh! His Aunt & Uncle will buy those ingredients one day before to ensure that it's 100% fresh. All these are our hard work as they would usually prepare their own Yusheng. 

And the end product, flooded with all the crackers :)
It was also another night to get to know his maternal side a little bit better! 

CNY Day 3

Met up with some friends (Right, more like a couple date) for a lunch in town before window shopping and I think I just found my happiness. I've forgotten the stall name but here's the entrance of the shop located in Mandarin Gallery & the staffs were really kind to let me snap some pictures of their shop! 

I can't stand some shop owners / staffs who just give you the death stare when you whip out your camera. My advice for you is just to take it lightly and just treat that as a free advertisement for your shop? #justranting

If you are looking for some greeting cards or quirky gifts, do drop by this shop! :)

And a few days ago, boyfriend & I had dinner with my beloved father at Jalan Besar. 

Crispy or Chao Ta Beehoon! A must order dish when you're there, love it :)

Pork Ribs! 

Salad Prawn which is slightly expensive but worth trying at least once, another favourite of mine and my dad & boyfriend loves it too.

Yong Kee Seafood Restaurant 
43 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208804
Opening Hours: 5pm - 3am (Close on every first Wednesday of the month)

Leaving Singapore in a few hours time, will be gone for 8 days. Trying to finish all my errands before I leave which is mad rushing. Hope you've enjoyed this blogpost and have a great week ahead :)

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