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Monday, January 20, 2014 Preparing for CNY (Hair + Self Image)

This was how my hair (before):

I hate how dull my hair is and sometimes when I braid my hair, it can't really be seen so enough was enough! It's time to do something about my hair and stop being a lazy bum! Went over to Corner Hair Salon (Outlet: Republic Plaza) on Saturday afternoon to get my hair fixed.

Outfit Details:
Top: Black Knitted Chaos Sweater - H&M 
Bottom: Kristie Flap High Waist Shorts - Infinite Pixie
Accessories: Double Triangle Gold Necklace - Topshop 

& this is my hair now (after):

The curls loosen a little when I got home and pictures are not edited in any way except for brightness / contrast.

I told my hairdresser that I wanted to dye my hair brown but she encouraged me to highlight my hair instead as it's easier to maintain! Hmmm... ain't nobody got time to retouch their roots so frequently. Not me. So I went ahead with highlights but I told her I wanted brown. 

But she being so adventurous, played around with colours and now my hair has 3 type of shades! I love it so much!? She told me,"Thank goodness you love it! Then my OT is worth it" It's a little grey / ash brown and it definitely adds more character to my hair than just brown. 

Click the link here for the rates Corner Hair Salon offers. 

You can look for Aunty Sophie over at Republic's Plaza outlet and she's easily recognized because she's always so stylish from head to toe. You can easily spot her with her purple bangs! 

Pardon me, I had no make up on! 

Also, my mom has her own shop inside Corner Hair Salon (Outlet: Republic Plaza) too and she provide the following services:

- Waxing
- IPL Treatments
- Eyelash Perming
- Eyelash Extension
- Eyebrow Trimming
- Make Up Services
- Outdoor Bridal / Events Make Up Services

While waiting to get my hair done, my mom did IPL treatment for me on my underarms and legs. I haven't been going back consistently for my monthly treatment but I do see improvements such as growth of hair got slower and whitening of armpits after 2 sessions! :)

"Studies have shown that up to 85% – 90% of hair can be permanently removed after a few rounds of treatment. Oftentimes more than one round of treatment is required, but patients have seen the desired effects in as little as 2 treatments. Most patients elect to receive anywhere between 2 and 8 treatments. These treatments can be given 4 to 6 weeks apart, allowing time for the remaining hair to begin growing back. Intense pulsed light therapy is great for those individuals with a hectic schedule. The actual treatment itself takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and the recovery time needed is almost none, with very little visible side effects present after the treatment. The skin will be a little tender after each treatment so it is best to provide additional protection by applying a heavy moisturizer and sunblock immediately after"

If you are wondering about the rates for underarms and legs, here it is:
Underarms - $480 x 6 sessions
Lower Legs - $780 x 6 sessions
Full Legs - $1500 x 6 sessions

You may contact her at for more enquiries!

9 Raffles Place Republic Plaza 1
#B1-03, Singapore 048619

P.S This is not a paid review and all opinions are 100% honest from me

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