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Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Hello 2014 (Wordy Post)

7 days into 2014 now and it isn't too late to think about our new goals for the new year. 2013 was generally a good and busy year for me and thank goodness for this little space a.k.a my blog, I'm able to read through all the posts starting from January 2013 to see what I've achieved and done.

Nothing fantastic happened in January so let's move on to February. Boyfriend brought me along to his Aunt's place for Chinese New Year visiting and of course, it's nice to meet his extended family members. Then, I visited Bangkok again for a half work / half holiday trip which I also found quite a few interesting cafes which I can't wait to bring my mom or my boyfriend along in the near future. 

During March, the highlight was my Boyfriend's birthday and it was nothing short of happiness. Simple dinner with his close friends whom I invited along and like what I'd always say - The blessing of simplicity. Moving on to China trip as usual with my mom and her friends. We visit China every year and our trip there in 2013 was mainly to get furnitures for our new home. Broke down during end of March as it was quite a rough week for me thus, booked a hotel at Clover Hotel for a mini staycation. It was a good staycation as I was "free" from the troubles I had. 

In April, participated in a flea market under Infinite Pixie and it was a good day though the flea organizer wasn't organized. I'm glad to meet some of my lovely customers! Oh! Boyfriend & I visited Sentosa because I was moving to my new home in May and my new home is located in the West so we took the chance to visit Sentosa before it becomes too far to visit. It was such a lovely day to have dinner by the sea, watched the sun set and followed by a romantic stroll on the beach. 

Then it comes to May, the highlight of the year because I moved to my new place! I finally have my own bedroom, my own bathroom and my own workspace. I may also call it my home since I do pay the household funds monthly. It was also the start of the month which a lot of responsibilities were added to my shoulders as I shared the responsibilities with my mom.

In June, it was my mom's birthday and boyfriend & I hit our 4th year together. July & August was flooded with many birthday celebrations including mine. It was a really busy month and it also could be the month that can make my wallet really sad. Haha! 

In September, I started my very own Chatterbox video. Basically, I'll film myself talking about anything about my life or the recent hauls for about 10 minutes or so. There are no specific dates on when I'll film as I only film whenever I'm free. Also held my very first giveaway in my blog which I received more responses that I expected. Thankful for that! Who wants a second giveaway? :) Went for Hardwell's tour, which was also my first outdoor party event I had participated. 

During October, boyfriend left Singapore to Australia for 3 weeks for his army annual overseas trip. Thanks to work and friends, I was able to keep myself busy! Was kindly invited to Scarefest event and gotten tickets to visit USS Halloween. Both events were fun! In November, attended my boyfriend's ORD parade which is the day that we both were looking forward to ever since he got enlisted during 2011. 

There came the last month of the year - December, boyfriend finally ORD and it's the best thing ever! We made it, we finally made it! Purchased and decorated my very own Christmas tree this year and also travelled to Kuala Lumpur with boyfriend for a short getaway which was really lovely.


Here's the full recap why I've stated 2013 was generally a good year for me and I sincerely hope it stays this way for 2014.

Unfortunately... I was down with stomach flu at the start of 2014. More or less recovered now which I'm really thankful for! I was actually quite worried that my sickness will cause inconvenience to my work since it's the start of the year = lots of work to clear from the holidays. But it recovered in time! Heh :')

It's quite hard for my grandparents and I to stay so far away from each other now when they took care of me really well for a total of 17 years+ ever since I was 3 years old. Which is why I'd always tell my mom, no matter how busy we are, how far we stay away from each other, we have to make time for them as time doesn't wait for anyone. 

Rule No. 1: To have dinner with them at least once a week. 
Which we have been doing so for 6 months+ and counting! By seeing them, having dinner with them. It makes me really happy. 

Targeted a specific amount of savings I want to achieve at the end of this year. It's scary and exciting at the same time that I'm turning 21 this year. I have so many things to work towards for. Such as opening a CPF account for myself and doing it manually each month since I'm self employed. So much self disciplined needed! 

My boyfriend (Wx) is going back to school to get himself a certificate so that he can secure a good job government job in the near future. As for me, I'll have to work hard too for my future. For our future. We talked about our future plans before and it's scary and exciting to be talking about it. Ahhhhhh!

For this, it's quite a challenge because I work from home and I usually don't have time to go out to meet new people. So I'll really be happy to communicate with my customers whenever they come for self collection / mass meet up. It's nice to talk to them and I've met a couple of nice ones in 2013! Hopefully, I get to meet more of such customers in the near future :) 

Bring it on 2014, I'm ready for you! 

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