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Tuesday, March 26, 2013 Staycation at Clover Hotel

Hello! Back to blog about the staycation and before i start. Photos taken are either with my iPhone 4 or Macbook Pro's photo booth! Hence, the poor image quality. I've dropped my phone twice this month and the camera is failing on me. So it means.... i'll bring my DSLR out more often!! 

Boyfriend accompanied me to the post office to mail parcels before we check in! And we had a smooth check in experience at Clover Hotel. Receptionist made the process really fuss-free :) 

Our room was Clover Plush - King by the way!

Love their open wardrobe concept! 

Our room was a corner room and to be honest, i would have switch to some other rooms if i am overseas! But Clover Hotel is a new hotel so i don't mind!! :) 

Check out our expansive toilet! It's really very spacious and thought they should at least place a bath tub there or something D: 

Packaging which i love! 

Boyfriend engrossed in watching MTV - Young & Married the first few minutes we entered and check his funny pose out! Hahaha. 

Mint polka dots nails! 

Shortly after checking in, we out to shop, eat, catch a movie! After a horrible week i had last week, the weekend made up for it. Partly, was because boyfriend was there with me. Spending the weekends together! We were so happy, we decided to have Pizza Hut for dinner! This boy, sucha pizza lover! <3

And we caught The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia! Hehe. Quite a good movie in my opinion! At least, there's a story behind it. And i actually teared at some scenes cause it was too touching :')

Headed back to the hotel to just chill! 

What i prepared for lé boy! 

& then, i went to bed and rest then suddenly. 
That boy ran and snuggled me and ask...

Bf: Why you so cute ah? Why everything must be pink? Including toothpaste?? 
Me: Cause i like what! 
Bf: *pinches my nose* 


After being so happy throughout the day and night and when he tucked me to bed. About to close my eyes. I just couldn't take it any longer and pour everything out. Broke down and started crying. This boy, immediately hugged me even tighter and listened to what i have to say. After minutes of ranting, he wiped my tears and started talking about his life, what he faced, and encouraged me. Not to lose faith. Things are not in my favor these days and it's really tiring at some point. No one cared or even asked me if there's anything wrong when i was upset. But you did. Never in my life, did i wanted him so badly to be by my side. But am glad that he initiated to take off on Monday to accompany me but well, he couldn't due to army. But at least, he will be booking out on Wednesday to accompany me all the way till Sunday which i really look forward to! Thank you for being there when i needed you to. I love you, Bambi. 

So that marks the end of our staycation! Very simple yet so blissful.

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