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Sunday, March 24, 2013 @ Clover Hotel

 Hello from Clover Hotel! Had a rough week ever since coming back from a overseas work trip. Never been like that for a long time but am glad that boyfriend came to find me during his nights out. Felt better and then.... had the shittiest Thursday ever. That made me broke down. And decided to just search for a nice hotel for a nice staycation with the bf during weekends and so, here we are! 

Away from work. Away from home. A new environment for the night. Just the both of us. And this arrangement made me a WHOLE LOT better. Ditch my phone aside to went out to play, eat, shop. No worries! Gonna enjoy my Sunday with him later and hopefully, that i'll have enough, recharged energy to focus on what i am supposed to. 

Will blog more about the staycation in my next post. 

Till then.

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