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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 Happy 21st Birthday, Wijitra!

A belated post. 

Couldn't make it to her birthday party because i was away for a work trip. So, thinking that my good friend is such lipstick lover. Why not get her a good lipstick? I'm sure YSL lipstick is a dream lipstick that all girls would want to have, yes? Well... at least for me! I've read so many reviews online and trust me, most of the reviews are bad. Saying they were far too moisturizing thus finishes fast. Lipstick doesn't last long on lips etc... and one day, i decided to just get it and judge on my own. 

Surprisingly, i love this lipstick! Other than the beautifully designed packaging. I love that's it moisturizing! Texture's good. Personally, i don't smack on lipstick in full. I love it a little sheer and lipstick stays on fine on lips for probably 2-3 hours and i really don't mind re-touching. Not much of a hassle anyway! 

So, decided to get one for Wijitra as well. And... do you spot a pink ombre cover? Hehe. If you want one for yourself, it's available in Infinitepixie here! Brought in purple and pink so go get them! Kept them for myself too.  

Happy Belated Birthday Wijitra, i love you and hope you like your prezzies! :) 

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