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Tuesday, November 19, 2013 Sera The Baker

Okay... I'm totally kidding about the baker part as seen above as my post title. I'm not an excellent baker because in the process of baking, quite a number of things was done by me based on estimation. Or what we Singaporeans call it the - 'Aga Aga'. My mom aka the perfectionist kept telling me that it shouldn't be done this way and what nots. She's right because some of the cupcakes kind of exploded.

No recipe from me at the moment because I don't want anyone of you to get food poisoning. Right, is not that serious but somehow, I mistook whole milk and heavy cream. Can we just announce that the clever award goes to me? 

After all the horrifying moments in the kitchen, most of the cupcakes turned out alright! (As you can see from the far left cupcake kinda exploded from its shell) Overall, I made a few mistakes here and there but it was at least edible + it was my first try. To all experienced bakers out there, please spare me with all the judgements. Haha. 

Distributed some of the nicer looking ones to my neighbours and I'm glad that they love it! I will master my baking skills and once it's 100% successful, I'll share my recipe with all of you. Just not now haha.

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