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Saturday, June 15, 2013 Domino's

Boyfriend loves pizza and as for me... not so of a pizza lover. But because of him (well, i guess it's due to love), we have pizzas almost every week. It's like whenever his craving strikes, he will never, ever say no. Of all pizzas, I love Domino's pizzas best! Personally, i find it even better than Sarpinos / Pizza Hut etc.. try them if you have the chance to :)


My favourite Meatzza in crunchy thin crust! 

Boyfriend's favourite Hawaiian Pizza in cheese burst! 

"A hungry man is an angry man"

While we still living in our old flat, delivery is always delivered by Killiney branch and their delivery service is really slow. The longest we've waited was 3-4 hours! It was crazy, we were starving and we had no idea how we managed to wait for that long. I mean, most people would have already cancelled their order but that just shows how much we love Domino's no matter how long they take.

& now we have moved to the new house! Delivery is now delivered by Choa Chu Kang branch - 'Keat Hong Shopping Centre' and they delivered within 30 minutes + the food that's delivered were still hot, not warm but hot! 

Ready to have some pizzas from Domino's this weekend? 
Order with them online at!

Let me know your opinions on Domino's or any other restaurants that serve good quality pizzas (researching for my dearest boyfriend) over at my ASK.FM here:

Working on my preloved post now, bye!

*Not a sponsored post but my true opinions on Dominos*

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