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Tuesday, November 4, 2014 Recent Make Up Haul

On days when Luxola is having a sale, I knew it would be the right opportunity to pick up some new beauty items even when I don't need them. Well, a girl can never have enough make up right?

Sleek True Colour Lipstick (Cherry) - SGD$18

Most of the colours in my lipstick collection are either pink or red. Colours which are vibrant and since I don't own any dark coloured lipsticks, I picked up Cherry from Sleek Makeup. Cherry is a sheen dark red, ideal for timeless stylish looks. The application for this is easy as it's smooth and creamy. It also contains vitamin E which helps to hydrate lips. As usual, Sleek's products are always highly pigmented which is why I genuinely love their products so much. Definitely can see myself using this lipstick really often in the future!

3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner (#1 Cats) - SGD$21

Been searching high and low for an affordable creamy eyeliner that is pigmented, oil proof and waterproof. Usually, 3CE products are a hit or miss but this product is a hit! It definitely didn't disappoint me at all as it does what it promised - Oil and water resistant and waterproof! Even though it is waterproof, removing my eye make up was an easy task as it comes off quickly. Texture of this eyeliner is smooth, making it easy to glide onto your eye. This eyeliner is also retractable and self sharpening which is always good. 

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