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Friday, August 22, 2014 My 21st Birthday

I had mixed feelings when it comes to my 21st birthday celebration because I never liked the idea of organizing a birthday party. On second thoughts, turning 21 is only once in a lifetime. I do not want to have any regrets when it is over so I told myself to plan a birthday party for myself, just this once!

Organizing a party is just too overwhelming for me as there are so much to do and you never really know where to start. First, was picking a venue - Was it going to be at my own home or a chalet or a hotel? I had no answer till I chanced upon this new hotel called Lloyd's Inn a few months ago and told myself that this is going to be it! Immediately fell in love with their interior concept - minimalistic.

As I had invited over 40 people for my birthday party, I picked the biggest room - Patio Loft. Their website only states Patio but do take note that, this is the one and only Patio Loft room. If you wish to book this room, you will need to email the hotel management about this special request. What I really like about this room is the huge open concept bathroom and the balcony. Simply amazing.

Secondly, comes to food. Since food catering is not allowed in hotels, I needed food that can be eaten cold and taste good too. Thankfully, my mom has a friend who is capable of fulfilling my requests so that's one checkbox tick.

Thirdly, comes to decorations. Most of my decorations were bought from here and the gold 21st balloon was bought from a party supply shop at Scape Underground. Special thanks to Sylvia and Marcus for helping out with the backdrop decorations, Larissa and Philbert for the miscellaneous decorations and Weixiong for helping me out with the pennant banner and twirling the fairy lights around the staircase. It was such a huge relief because I had friends and families to help me out so the preparations in general turned out less stressful and became less overwhelming. Very thankful and blessed!

Being the birthday party organizer / the birthday girl, I had to make sure that every single guest were well entertained and not left alone. Everyone invited either came as a group or as a pair so all were very self entertained and so, all I had to do was to walk around, talk to people every few minutes or so and taking pictures along the way.

Last but not least and the most important one - a 21st birthday cake. I wanted something that screams princess (If you can't already tell from all the decorations). So, I got Flourish to design a pink ombré rosette cake for me. It is my second time placing an order with them and am always pleased with their efficiency and product.

When all the guests had left, Weixiong and I had a little pampering session with Lush's Dragon's Egg before calling it a night. It smells full of citrus and lemon whilst it was fizzling in the water, flower petals and glitter contains in this bath bomb. Lovely bath bomb but let me warn you, the colours at the end does not look very pleasant. To me, does not really matter because it was still relaxing and soothing. Helps one to relax before bedtime.

When the sunlight seeped through the window, we crawled out of bed and found ourselves in our balcony, enjoying the fresh crisp air, in our robes - chatting away about everything that took place last night. Took my brain a while to process that my birthday birthday was actually over. Hah.

Had one last pampering morning session before checking out. This time, with Lush's Sex Bomb. Absolutely love this one, smells amazing. This would be the bath bomb that I need to get the next time I return to the store. Mornings should be like this everyday.

And there you have it - my unforgettable 21st birthday party that took me months to plan and beautiful memories were created within that 4 hours on the actual day.


  1. Hello! May I know how did you managed to bring in the food and also those chairs that I saw in some pics? Hehe look forward to ur reply! :)

    1. Hello,

      Sharp eyes you got there! The hotel managements knows I'm holding my birthday party there and I did enquired if they had extra chairs but to no avail. So, I brought a few stools for my guest, especially for the adults and elders. The hotel management allows guest to bring their own food but not catered food.

      Let me know if you have further questions :) x

  2. Hi dear, may I know how much it cost you for the room? (:

    1. Hi there! Mine is the patio loft, $228 excluding tax :)

  3. hello! i checked with the hotel and they dont allow booking of rooms for parties. How did u manage to sneak your guests in? hahah. cos im planning one too. also did u bring in the tables yourself? :O

    1. Hello,

      Maybe their policy has changed because before my booking was confirmed, I emailed the hotel management that I'll be holding my birthday party in my room and they didn't said anything much. I didn't sneak any of my guests into my room haha. The hotel management knew I was holding my birthday party there and when my guests arrived in the lobby, the receptionist even directed them to my room.

      Actually all hotels won't allow booking of rooms for parties but I guess you can still do it discreetly. Just try not to make so much noise. Would encourage you to book the patio loft because the room is located right at the end :)

      I also did promised the hotel management that my guests will leave before 11PM to prevent disturbance to other hotel guests. I took the extra table from the balcony.

      Hope I've answered your questions :)

  4. Hello Sera!
    Understand that you told the management you were having a party. I'm planning to just ask a few close friends over to my room which would be at most 8 of us after dinner to chill which is hardly a party haha. Do you think it would be easy to sneak them in? Or does the hotel layout ensure everyone walks pass the lobby reception -_-"
    Looking forward to your reply!

    1. Hello!

      So sorry for the late reply as I hasn't been active on my blog lately :(

      I'm guessing it would be fine so long your friends aren't staying over? From what I know, they do not allow visitors after 11pm. So you can bring your friends to your room after dinner to chill, it will be alright! You won't have to sneak them in even though you and your friends would have to walk pass the lobby reception haha.

  5. Hi dear,

    Would like to check if ur mum's friend is doing side business for her food catering


  6. Hi there!

    Actually, the food catering was done specially for me upon request. It was really nice of mom's friend to agree to it. He actually has a bakery shop at Republic Plaza B1, just next to Subway. If you are interested in engaging his service, you can drop me an email at :)